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Fluidra Accelera

Fluidra Accelera is the Fluidra group’s start-up accelerator. It is dedicated to driving innovative projects related to the world of water, pools and wellness.

To do so, it looks for teams of people who have well-defined, high-quality disruptive ideas.

Accelera assists in these projects so that they are able to develop a sound business plan, which will ensure the viability of their activities and attract the attention of investors. In addition, Fluidra Accelera may become a shareholder of its start-ups and it invests in a high proportion of them.

A comprehensive process

Fluidra Accelera takes an active involvement in the ideas submitted from day one. It immediately conducts a feasibility study of a project to assess it and find out whether it is ready for accelerated growth. If it is, the project is selected and goes into the incubation or acceleration process, which will last from 4 to 12 months.

During the time that the acceleration process lasts, the start-ups have the support of mentors and experts from the Fluidra group, who provide their expertise in a business’ development, industrialization, scalability and management plan.

When the acceleration stage has been completed, Fluidra Accelera arranges actions to attract investors, including a communication plan, so that the projects are introduced to investment networks, etc.

Unlike other accelerators, Fluidra Accelera’s assistance focuses on post-investment advice, when a start-up should launch itself into the market and build up a sound business.

The involvement of Fluidra’s top-level senior management is one of Accelera’s strengths. In addition, their experience in stock markets has a direct impact on the ability to prioritize and better explain the projects in line with investors’ expectations.

Three case studies


A manufacturer of desalination machines that recover energy. It has a range of machines from 25 liters per hour to 4,000 liters per hour, all of which make power savings of around 80%.

Sailing Technologies

The inventor and manufacturer of an epoxy adhesive that sets underwater. Initially developed for difficult situations at sea, its products can be used for pools, fluid handling and filters.


An internal project suggested by some of Fluidra’s employees that set out to deliver a leap forward in the quality of the experience of the users of pools and wellness features, as well as a new way of interacting with the environment.


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