Merger with Zodiac, a leading global manufacturer of residential pool equipment and connected solutions.


Announcement of Zodiac and Fluidra’s merger

Acquisition of 80% of Riiot Labs in Belgium, an innovative start-up specialised in connectivity for the pool world

Acquisition of 90% of the Italian company Piscine Laghetto

Sell of ATH and Astramatic


Acquisition of 70% of SIBO, a leading company in the Netherlands

Acquisition of the goodwill of EGT Aqua Sunbay, the leader in France of the wooden pools market.


Acquisition of the African leader Waterlinx in South Africa

Acquisition of Price Chemicals in Australia

Opening of a subsidiary in Vietnam

Opening of a subsidiary in Croatia

Launch of the 2018 Strategic Plan

Joan Planes made honorary Chairman

Acquisition of the goodwill of Somhidros, the leader in Spain of ornamental fountains


Sale of Irrigaronne (France)

Opening of a subsidiary in Kazakhstan

Creation of Fluidra Accelera


Acquisition of Veico in Brazil.

World launch of AstralPool MAC


Opening of a branch office in Indonesia

Joint venture with Youli in China (fluid handling) and creation of a new division for the Asian continent

Opening of branch offices in Jordan, Romania and Montenegro

Opening of a subsidiary in Indonesia (through the acquisition of Dunia Renang)


Acquisition of Aquaproducts and Aquatron in the United States and Israel

Opening of sales offices in Serbia, which led to the creation of Fluidra Adriatic, and in Brazil

New branch office in South Africa in Cape Town

Opening of the first new model of branches in Sant Boi (Barcelona), followed by expansion on the whole Spanish territory


Opening of branch offices in Egypt, Malaysia and the Middle East


Merger in Spain of AstralPool España, Cepex and MasterRiego to become Fluidra España, in order to offer a broader product portfolio

Merger of Certikin and CTX in Spain to become Certikin Pool Ibérica

Opening of the first branch offices in Thailand and South Africa

Following the acquisition of Wayfit the turnkey projects initiative was set up


Acquisition of Spei in Italy, which became Certikin Italia

Opening of subsidiaries in Belgium and Cyprus


Acquisition of Irrigaronne in France, and Master Riego and ATH in Spain

Aquaria became Fluidra as part of the process for the group to become a listed company on 31 October 2007

Aquaria (with AstralPool) made the official supplier of the FINA World Swimming Championships held in Melbourne

Acquisition of Pacific, a specialist in salt chlorinators in France

In August, the group changed its name to Fluidra

On 31 October 2007 Fluidra became a listed company


Aquaria added the holding companies SNTE, CEPEX and NEOKEM to its structure in order to extend its business in the water sector

Acquisition of Hurlcon in Australia, MTH in Germany, Net Productos in Mexico, and Idegis and Ceibsa in Spain

Official Supplier of the FINA World Swimming Championships in Shanghai through AstralPool

Four AstralPool branch offices opened in both China and India

Four branch offices added in Mexico, and branch offices opened in Bulgaria and Singapore

Aquaria extends its technological know-how following the addition as shareholder of the Spanish company IDEGIS, which develops innovative solutions for water treatment based on salt electrolysis

Acquisition of Ceibsa in Spain, which would become Certikin Ibérica, and Net Productos in Mexico


Appointed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) as an official FINA partner

Acquisition of Dongchuan (China)


Focus on the Asian market through the creation of two companies in China and one in India

Joins SSA (Austria) as shareholder and opensoffice in Greece

Acquisition of Togama (Spain), specialist in glass mosaic tiling, and ECA (France), maker of automatic and manual covers


Sponsor and official supplier of the 2003 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona

Subsidiaries opened in Poland and Mexico

Acquisition of Manufacturas Gre

Acquisition of Certikin International


Foundation of the Aquaria group comprising companies operating in the swimming pool sector

Banco Sabadell acquires 20% of the company’s share capital

Opening of the logistics operator, Trace Logistics, in Maçanet de la Selva (Girona)

Opening of subsidiaries in Hungary, Chile and Switzerland


Acquisition of Talleres de Agua, with itsknow-how about heating, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, etc.

Merger of five Spanish distributors of AstralPool products (Plasteral, Eumawel, Equipool, Materiales de Riego and Surast) to form AstralPool España


Opening of subsidiaries in Russia, Morocco and India

Acquisition of Aquaambiente, Portugal

Creation of Unistral Recambios, a company dedicated to the supply of the group’s spare parts


Astral Scandinavia opens its doors in Denmark

Supplier of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona

Expansion reaches the USA through the setting up of Astral Products in Florida

Operations in the USA, the Middle East, the Czech Republic and Australia

The German subsidiary Astral Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH set up

Supplier of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 1996

Astral Havuz opens in Turkey

The Neokem and SNTE holdings came into being to focus on the water treatment segment

Creation of the AstralPool holding that brought together companies selling pools

Creation of the AuricPool holding that brought together manufacturers of pool materials

Creation of the Cepex holding that brought together the production plants Cepex, Forplast and VRAC. At the end of the 1990s the expansion of the holding began with the opening of offices in Portugal, the United States and Mexico, followed by others in Italy, France, Germany and Morocco

Operations in Oceania through the setting up of Astral Equipment in Australia


Exports of Denmark and Australia begin

International expansion continues with the opening of offices in the United Kingdom and Portugal

Opening of Poltank, the polyester filter manufacturer

Cepex founded, specialising in injection fittings, and PVC and PP valves for fluid handling applications

Sacopa, the specialist in plastic injection moulding, opens its doors

Foundation of CTX, the company devoted to the manufacture of chemical products for the treatment of water

Cepex set up as a company devoted to the manufacture of fittings and valves for fluid handling

Foundation of Astramatic, the company devoted to the treatment of industrial water

Foundation of Astral Export S.A., the company devoted to supplying foreign markets and that would become the platform for creating the future network of international branch offices


International expansion begins with the opening of the first subsidiaries in France (1976) and Italy (1977)

Opening of the first manufacturing facilities in Polinyà (Barcelona). The manufacture of injection moulded plastic parts begins at Plásticos Astral (Plasteral), which then became the first company devoted exclusively to the distribution of products for pools


Four Catalan families set up a company called Astral to manufacture components for swimming pools