Eloy Planes Corts

Eloi Planes Corts was born in Barcelona in 1969.

He earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Catalonia and a master’s degree in Business Management at EADA business school.

The second generation of one of the founding families, Eloi Planes joined Fluidra (then Astral) as Director of R&D in 1994 and, in 1998, was appointed the Director of Logistics and subsequently General Manager of AstralPool España. In this role, he was responsible for a number of mergers with Spanish trading companies and he acquired in-depth knowledge of the business.

In 2000, Eloi became the Managing Director of AstralPool and continued his work to expand the business in international markets.

In 2002, the family group took a decisive step: under the leadership of Eloi Planes as Managing Director, the Fluidra group was created (under the name of Aquaria at the time), which brought together the group’s pool production and distribution companies. Banc Sabadell bought into the family concern by acquiring 20% of its share capital. Eloi Planes implemented the change of the logistics model.

In 2006, Fluidra grew into what it is today when it was joined by the companies of the other four partners that had been independent until then. In the same year, Eloi Planes was appointed as the CEO of the Fluidra group and oversaw some of the company’s major milestones: its listing on the stock exchange in 2007, and its restructuring in 2008–09, all of which saw the rapid internationalisation of the sales division and the implementation of lean management in the group’s industrial division.

In 2015, Fluidra presented its 2018 Strategic Plan. In January 2016, Eloi Planes became Fluidra’s Executive President.

Eloi Planes is also the President of the International Swimming Pool Exhibition of Barcelona.