General FAQs

When was the merger finalized?

The global merger closed on July 2, 2018. Now Fluidra and Zodiac are one company. Over the coming months and years the two companies will integrate gradually at more local levels with the aim to bring the benefits of this merger to our customers.

What is the name of the new company?

The new company will operate under the Fluidra name.

Will the new company remain listed on the Spanish stock exchange?


Where will the new company be headquartered?

The new company’s global headquarters will remain in Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain, while the North American headquarters will be in Vista (San Diego), California.

Who will lead the new company?

Former Zodiac CEO Bruce Brooks will serve as global CEO, while Eloi Planes will remain Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors.

How many employees will work for the new company?

Approximately 5,500 globally.

How many countries will the new company operate in?

In 46 countries.

Was this a merger of equals or a purchase by one company of the other?

This was a merger of two organizations that will benefit mutually from each other’s strengths.

Why will the new company be named Fluidra and not Zodiac?

The Fluidra brand is highly recognized and valued globally, and the name is also tied to the company’s listing on the Spanish stock exchange, which we intend to keep.  For this reason, and given our focus on expanding our global reach and business, operating under the Fluidra name best fit our needs.

What does Zodiac bring to the new company?

Zodiac brings its portfolio of premium brands, such as Jandy® Pro Series, Polaris® and Zodiac; its strength in innovation; and its strong position in the North American pool market.

What does Fluidra bring to the new company?

Fluidra brings its deep portfolio of highly recognized brands, such as AstralPool®, Cepex®, CTX Professional® and Gre®; its expertise in the commercial pool market; and its strong position in the European, Australian, Asian, South American and African pool markets.

Will there be any changes to either company’s brands, such as Jandy, Polaris, AstralPool or Cepex?

No changes are planned.

What will be the official language of the new company?

Both Spanish and English will be spoken, though we expect over time English will become the primary language.

Why will Fluidra divest its Aquatron business unit?

As part of an agreement reached with the European Commission, a regulatory authority, Fluidra will divest its Aquatron unit, an Israeli manufacturer specializing in robotic pool cleaners with distribution primarily in Europe.  While this business unit was a highly valued organization within the larger Fluidra portfolio, overall it represents approximately 2% of the new combined company’s sales and EBITDA and, even with this divestiture, Fluidra will maintain strong global presence in the automatic pool cleaning category, which includes suction, pressure and robotic cleaners.