Relevant Events

“The Company guarantees that the information contained in the Relevant Events listed below corresponds exactly to the information sent to the National Securities Market Commission.

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Date Title
10/10/20183rd Investor’s Day callDownload
04/09/2018Presentation of Fluidra´s RoadshowsDownload
10/08/2018Standard & Poors’ credit rating on FluidraDownload
02/08/2018Rebalancing the liquidity contractDownload
30/07/2018Results 1st semester 2018Download
30/07/2018Complementary Agreement to the Fifth Novation of Fluidra, S.A.’s Syndication AgreementDownload
20/07/2018Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
10/07/2018Liquidity Agreement July 2018Download
09/07/2018Beginning of Fluidra, SA’s new shares listingDownload
06/07/2018Listing and trading of Fluidra SA’s new sharesDownload
02/07/2018Board of Directors CompositionDownload
02/07/2018Registration of the merger deed in the Mercantile Registry of BarcelonaDownload
29/06/20182018 Fixed income issuesDownload
27/06/2018Authorization of the European Commission in relation to the Merger between Fluidra and the Zodiac groupDownload
27/06/2018Press Release Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2018Download
27/06/2018Approved Resolutions in Ordinary Shareholders’ MeetingDownload
25/05/2018Ordinary GSM 2018 CallDownload
25/05/2018Proposals to be submitted to the Ordinay GSMDownload
23/05/2018Subrogation of Piumoc Inversions SAU and Dispur Pool SLU in the Fluidra Syndication and the Fluidra Shareholders’ AgreementDownload
23/05/2018Report on the Compensation Policy – UpdateDownload
26/04/20182018 Q1 results Press RealeaseDownload
26/04/20182018 Q1 ResultsDownload
26/04/2018Fifth Novation of the Fluidra Syndication Agreement ModificationDownload
17/04/2018Q1 2018 Results Presentation CallDownload
09/03/2018Fluidra debt refinancing syndicationDownload
28/02/2018Merger approval by Zodiac HoldCoDownload
28/02/2018Corporate governance annual reportDownload
28/02/2018Report on the Compensation PolicyDownload
28/02/20182017 full year results Press RealeaseDownload
28/02/20182017 full year resultsDownload
20/02/2018Press Release Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2018Download
20/02/2018Approved Resolutions in Extraordinary Shareholders’ MeetingDownload
20/02/2018Pre-close Trading StatementDownload
19/02/2018Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
15/02/2018Preliminary credit ratings of FluidraDownload
15/02/2018Fluidra Refinancing – Presentation to LendersDownload
27/01/2018Consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ended 30 September 2017 and auditor´s opinion of Zodiac Pool Solutions S.à r.l.Download
26/01/2018Consolidated pro-forma financial information of Fluidra and Zodiac as of 30 June 2017Download
18/01/2018Resignation of DISPUR, S.L.’s member of the boardDownload
18/01/2018Full text of the proposals to be submitted to the Extraordinay GSMDownload
18/01/2018Extraordinary GSM CallDownload
10/01/2018Liquidity Agreement January 2018Download
30/11/2017Common Terms of Merger ClarificationDownload
06/11/2017II Investors Day PresentationDownload
03/11/2017Fluidra II Investor’s Day callDownload
03/11/2017Fifth Novation of the Fluidra Syndication Agreement Download
03/11/2017Shareholders’ agreement between Fluidra’s current shareholders and RhoneDownload
03/11/2017Press Release Merger agreementDownload
03/11/2017Investment agreement between Fluidra and Zodiac – Cross-border mergerDownload
30/10/2017Press release results 3rd Quarter 2017Download
30/10/2017Financial information results 3rd Quarter 2017Download
23/10/2017Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
10/10/2017Liquidity Agreement Complement October 2017Download
10/10/2017Liquidity Agreement October 2017Download
29/09/2017Dividend Payment October 2017Download
28/07/2017Press release results 1st semester 2017Download
28/07/2017Results 1st semester 2017Download
27/07/2017Shareholders' agreements or involving change of control (Spanish version)Download
18/07/2017Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
14/07/2017Composition of the Board of Directors (Spanish version)Download
14/07/2017Addedum Subscription new liquidity contract (Spanish version)Download
11/07/2017Subscription of new liquidity contract (Spanish version)Download
11/07/2017End of liquidity contract (Spanish version)Download
29/06/2017Fixed income issues (Spanish version)Download
28/06/2017Liquidity and counterparty contracts (Spanish version)Download
09/05/2017Roadshow presentation May 2017Download
03/05/2017Composition of other management and control bodies (Spanish version)Download
03/05/2017Resolutions approved at the General Shareholders’ Meeting 2017Download
03/05/2017Press Release 2017 Annual General MeetingDownload
28/04/2017Financial information results 1st quarter 2017Download
28/04/2017Press release results 1st quarter 2017Download
18/04/2017Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
31/03/2017Report on the Compensation PolicyDownload
31/03/2017Proposals for resolutions to be submitted to the Annual Shareholders’ MeetingDownload
31/03/2017Call for the Annual Shareholders’ MeetingDownload
31/03/2017Annual corporate governance report of listed companiesDownload
29/03/2017Liquidity ContractDownload
06/03/2017BIDSA Divestment (Spanish Version)Download
28/02/2017RS Results 2016, London, Zurich, Geneva and BrusselsDownload
27/02/2017Press Release of Results 2016 (Spanish version)Download
27/02/2017Results 2016Download
20/02/2017Conference Call Results from 2016Download
02/02/2017Second Earn Out Aquatron Inc, Aqua Products Inc and Aquatron Robotic System LtdDownload
16/01/2017Liquidity contractDownload
27/10/2016Press release results 3rd quarter 2016 (Spanish version)Download
27/10/2016Results 3rd quarter 2016Download
17/10/2016Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
30/09/2016Dividend distribution on October 2016Download
27/09/2016Repurchase Program and resume completion Liquidity ContractDownload
27/09/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 19/09 to 26/09)Download
19/09/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 12/09 to 16/09)Download
12/09/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 02/09 to 09/09)Download
06/09/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 26/08 to 01/09)Download
29/08/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 19/08 to 25/08)Download
09/08/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 01/08 to 05/08)Download
02/08/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 25/07 to 29/07)Download
29/07/2016Press Release Results 1st Semester 2016 (Spanish Version)Download
29/07/2016Results 1st Semester 2016Download
11/07/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 04/07 to 08/07)Download
27/06/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 20/06 to 24/06)Download
03/05/2016Press Release 2016 Annual General MeetingDownload
01/04/2016Consolidated Annual Accounts and Consolidated Directors Report 2015Download
01/04/2016Compensation policy for the directors of Fluidra, S.A.Download
01/04/2016Annual report on the remuneration of directors at listed companiesDownload
01/04/2016The proposals for resolutions to be submitted to the 2016 annual shareholder's meetingDownload
14/03/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 07/03 to 11/03)Download
07/03/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 29/02 to 04/03)Download
01/03/2016Repurchase program extensionDownload
22/02/2016Conference Call Analyst and Institutional InvestorsDownload
15/02/2016Share repurchase program, stabilization and treasury (period from 08/02 to 12/02)Download
02/12/2015Fluidra’s Chairman hands over the reinsDownload
17/11/2015Fluidra's Strategic Plan PLAN 2018Download
29/10/20153rd Quarter 2015 Results PresentationDownload
19/10/2015Conference call details for 3rd Quarter 2015 Results PresentationDownload
27/03/2015Board of Directors proposal for dividend distributionDownload
09/03/2015Update of Fluidra investors and analysts presentation with FY2014 figuresDownload
26/02/20152014 Results PresentationDownload
14/07/2014Liquidity contract subscription – Spanish versionDownload
20/02/2014Conference Call Analysts and Institutional InvestorsDownload
21/03/20132013 Dividend Distribution AgreementDownload
28/02/2013Annual Results 2012Download
12/11/20123rd Quarter Results Presentation 2012Download
12/06/2012The society Aniol S.L. appointed board member of Fluidra – Spanish versionDownload
06/06/2012Shareholders' Meeting Resolutions 2012 – Spanish versionDownload
25/05/2012Liquidity contract – Spanish versionDownload
04/05/2012Compensation Policy Report 2011 – Spanish versionDownload
04/05/2012Proposals of resolutions of the Shareholders' General Meeting 2012Download
04/05/2012Call for the Shareholders' General Meeting 2012 – Spanish versionDownload
27/04/2012Corporate Governance Annual Report 2011- Spanish versionDownload
27/04/2012Results call for analysts and investors – Spanish versionDownload
26/03/2012Proposed Dividend Distribution 2012 – Spanish versionDownload
12/03/2012Road Show Presentation, March 2012Download
28/02/2012Liquidity contract – Spanish versionDownload
20/02/2012Results call for analysts and Investors – Spanish versionDownload
24/11/2011Liquidity contract – 3rd Quarter – Spanish versionDownload
22/11/2011Appointment of Committees – Spanish versionDownload
07/11/2011Call for 3rd Quarter 2011 Results – Spanish versionDownload
07/10/2011Dividend Payment – Spanish versionDownload
29/08/2011Liquidity and remuneration contracts – Spanish versionDownload
29/06/2011Dividend payment date – Spanish versionDownload
08/06/2011Shareholders' Meeting Resolutions 2011 – Spanish versionDownload
24/05/2011Liquidity and remuneration contracts – Spanish versionDownload
12/05/20111st Quarter Results Presentation 2011Download
05/05/2011Proposal of Regulations of the General Shareholders' MeetingDownload
05/05/2011Proposal of Regulations of the Board of DirectorsDownload
05/05/2011Proposal of articles of association of FluidraDownload
05/05/2011Board of Directors Report: Relating to the proposal of amendment of the baylaws to be submitted to the General MeetingDownload
05/05/2011Compensation Policy Report 2010Download
05/05/2011Expanatory Report of the Management ReportDownload
05/05/2011Annual Audit Committee Report 2010Download
05/05/2011Proposals of resolutions of the Shareholders' General MeetingDownload
05/05/2011Call for the Shareholders' General Meeting 2011Download
04/05/2011Call for the 1st Quarter 2011 Results – Spanish versionDownload
29/04/2011Consolidated Annual Accounts and Director's Report 2010 – Spanish versionDownload
29/04/2011Annual Accounts and Director's Report 2010 – Spanish versionDownload
29/03/2011Proposed dividend payment – Spanish versionDownload
17/03/2011Aquatron & Aquaproducts acquisition: closing operation – Spanish versionDownload
25/02/20112010 Results Presentation – Spanish VersionDownload
21/02/2011Liquidity contract – Spanish versionDownload
14/02/2011Acquisition of Aquatron and Aqua Products – Spanish versionDownload
02/12/2010Modification and expansion of Syndication Agreement – Spanish versionDownload
05/11/20103rd Quarter 2010 ResultsDownload
07/10/2010Dividend Payment – Spanish versionDownload
27/08/2010Results 1st Semester Presentation 2010 – Spanish versionDownload
02/06/2010Resolutions adopted at the Fluidra's General Meeting 2010 – Spanish versionDownload
26/02/2010Dividend Payment date – Spanish versionDownload
26/02/2010Presentation of Second Semester Results 2009 – Spanish versionDownload
08/10/2009Dividend PaymentDownload
05/06/2009Participation CANDownload
30/04/2009Call for the General Shareholder's Meeting 2009 – spanish VersionDownload
30/04/2009Proposals of Resolutions of the General Meeting 2009Download
29/08/20082008 First Semester Results Presentation – Spanish DocumentDownload
24/04/2008Proposals of agreement at the Fluidra's General Meeting 2008 – Spanish DocumentDownload
24/04/2008Explanatory report of included aspects of Art. 116 bis LMV – Spanish DocumentDownload
02/01/2008Shareholders' agreement – Spanish DocumentDownload
07/12/2007End of stabilizacion period – Spanish DocumentDownload
03/12/2007Exercising of the green shoe option – Spanish DocumentDownload
23/11/2007Publication of 3rd quarter 2007 results – Spanish DocumentDownload
30/10/2007Fluidra sets the price of the IPO – Spanish DocumentDownload
23/10/2007Fluidra sets the maximum retail price – Spanish DocumentDownload