Code of Ethics – People Values

Our mission, corporate values and daily conduct are all based on our Code of ethics: “People Values”. Thanks to these values and guidelines on conduct, the Fluidra group enjoys international prestige, and all of our stakeholders trust us.

“People Values” serves as inspiration in the way Fluidra employees conduct their daily business, wherever they are. What is now called “People Values” was first approved in December 2008 and reviewed in June 2015 by Fluidra’s Board of Directors. It applies to all employees in all of the countries in which we operate.
Fluidra is fully committed to its baseline values of honesty and trust, respect for human rights, the integrity of individuals and the sustainability of resources.
Our code of ethics, called “People Values”, helps us to act in line with our strict principles of honesty and trust, respect for the law and human rights, the integrity of individuals and our commitment to the sustainability of resources. Moreover, it sets out specific principles on conduct intended to gain the trust of our stakeholders.


Leaflet “People Values” is only an abstract, for a better understanding, see the full text of the Code of Ethics – “People Values”.



In order for “People Values” not to be a mere a statement of intent, there are a number of ways in which it is disseminated, promoted, implemented and observed: the Ethics Committee, the Confidential Channel and training courses.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of the corporate Human Resources, Internal Auditing and Legal departments. The Ethics Committee receives, examines and replies to queries, complaints and reports submitted by employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. All requests and disclosures of incidents are treated in the strictest confidence and the privacy of the parties involved respected.
The Ethics Committee reports to the Audit Committee, a governing body that is directly answerable to the Board of Directors.

Confidential Channel

All of our employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders may use the Confidential Channel to submit queries, ask for advice or report an incident.
All submissions are handled in confidence as the basis for taking any decisions and the privacy of the persons involved is respected.


At Fluidra we have informed all of our employees of the changes made to our Code of ethics, “People Values”, through an obligatory online training course “Code of Ethics – People Values”. Its aim is to make employees aware of “People Values” and to reflect on the importance of having ethical standards that help them to do their daily work.
In order to disseminate the contents of this code, all employees have either completed an online course or have received a copy and have attended a training session. Furthermore, a number of posters have been made, and various links posted on the corporate website at, on the news portal at and on the intranet in order to make them aware of the changes and clear up any doubts they may have.