Fluidra Everyday


I’m EveryDay, Fluidra‘s pet. I was born the 22th of March 2010, the World Water Day.

I’m shaped like a calendar because my goal is to remind you every day that water, as well as all the other natural ressources, is a precious and limited good that must be protected and taken care of. The 70% of the globe is covered by water but only the 3% of it is potable.

In Fluidra we are certain that if we take care of water everyday we take care of the world. We must keep in mind that our daily decisions, both in our company activities and in our domestic environment, are crucial for our planet. The future is in our hands!

Fluidra employees already know me… I give them advices and I publish guides and other relevant informations. I also organise activities for the children of our employees as well as for the employees themselves: drawing contests, photographic competitions, etc.

Now that I have introduced myself, I hope that we meet again and that I can give you any advice to be more Ecoefficients and Ecoresponsibles.

Yours daily,