Water and the environment

Fluidra is fully engaged in the Millennium Development Goals and it has therefore contributed to various water and sanitary projects across the world for a number of years. Following the schemes undertaken in previous years in Ethiopia, Ecuador, India and Haiti, in 2012 Fluidra worked alongside UNICEF in an aid and development project to provide schools in Mali with drinking water and sanitation.

In 2013 we contributed to the Bamba project by building a well to supply a soup kitchen in Kabarnet (Kenya) with drinking water.

Fluidra’s support of strategies that contribute to sustainable human development and to improving the living conditions of the most deprived groups is therefore helping to reduce poverty in the world.

Fluidra also makes donations to the MAR and CRAM foundations that work on the conservation and improvement of the marine and coastal environment in order to protect its biodiversity.



CWP – Catalan Water Partnership

The Catalan Water Partnership chaired by Jaume Carol, Fluidra’s director general for Business Development, is a strategic cluster in which consultants, centres of knowledge, manufacturers, engineering firms and other entities related to the water cycle work together to encourage multi-level partnerships that take a sustainable approach to finding innovative solutions to the global need for quality water that can be used anywhere in the world. Over 3,000 qualified experts, amongst whom over 100 work in R&D, take an innovative approach to implementing actions in over 190 countries.