Commitment / Strategic Pillars

At Fluidra, we are aware that in order to move forward on the path to Social Responsibility, it is necessary to establish specific commitments of action involving the entire organization. 

To this regard, we are committed to 8 strategic pillars applicable to all the company’s spheres of activity.



Description of the 8 strategic pillars:

Our conduct

At Fluidra, we are aware of our responsibility and unavoidable duty to ensure the ethical behaviour of all our partners, being the codes of ethics and behaviour in business the basis to assure the correct behaviour of all the organization.

Moreover, at Fluidra we have a strength commitment to the good government practices in the companies as a basic pillar of the sustainable development and the Corporate Responsibility.

During 2008 was approved Fluidra’s Ethical Code, based on the ten principles of the UN’s Global Compact, which is intended to be used as a guide to the most relevant ethical rules and behaviour guidelines which have to be followed by all Fluidra members. In 2015 took place the last revision of Fluidra’s Ethical Code.


Our environment

Efficient use of natural and energetic resources is essential to ensuring the system’s sustainability. For this reason, Fluidra is committed to the optimization of natural resources used in the producing processes and to the use and promotion of the alternative energy as a basis for the sustainable development.

Minimization of waste, revalorization and recycling are also important concepts at Fluidra, understood as essential points for the development of a business activity environmentally respectful.

At Fluidra, we are aware of the need of an efficient environmental management and, for that reason, we have implemented in our production centres quality and environmental standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and EMAS.

Our society

At Fluidra, we know that we produce an impact in the social setting and in the communities where our production plants and centres are settled. For that reason, we support social action projects and sponsorships which contribute to meet the human social needs.

Our people

The existence of any organization is upheld by the contribution of people’s work and knowledge oriented to the fulfillment of common objectives. At Fluidra, we are committed to our employees and partners.

It is essential for the correct development of the company to Maintain a motivated and committed team of personnel that has real opportunities to develop their human and professional potential.

In order to manage said opportunities, Fluidra counts on a team of Human Resources professionals assigned to the different areas of activity, for the purpose of being able to implant and adapt the corporate policies related to personnel to the specific reality of each business.

The equitable compensation between men and women, non-discrimination, a strict safety and health policy, transparency and communication and to balance work and family life, are some of the most important subjects regarding the sustainable management of the Human Resources.

Our clients and suppliers

At Fluidra we know that the relationship of trust with our customers and suppliers forms the basis of our development as a business. That is why we base our relations on our corporate standards whose aim is to deliver quality and customer satisfaction.
Fluidra believes it is important that its stakeholders be on the same wavelength and share its values and principles. In the 2011 business year, Fluidra approved the Code of Ethics for Suppliers , updated in 2016, in the framework of its corporate policy on the selection of suppliers. This document is a commitment between the two parties to adhere to the principles set out in the UN’s Global Compact and is considered an essential requirement in maintaining current and future trade relations.

Furthermore, Fluidra maintains it policy to share profits and long-standing relationships with its suppliers in order to guarantee the quality of its products.

Our shareholders

Fluidra bases its relationship with its shareholders on the principles of good government with three fundamental criteria: ethical behaviour, participation and transparency.

The Annual Economic Report and, lately, the Corporate Social Responsibility report are the main vehicles of the communication with the shareholder.

Our innovation

R+D+i is the key factor of the Fluidra’s competitiveness. Use the cleanest and most efficient technologies available and develop products based on the sustainable use of water are the basis of the group’s innovation policy.

We are water

Water is the essence of our reason for being and the commitment on its responsible use is the basis of any Fluidra’s activity. Saving, reuse and reducing costs, are the procedural guidelines for product’s development. The increase of demographic pressure, economic growth and climate change, are factors that have impact in the intensive use of water and sustainability. Training, education and implementation of awareness programs for employees, clients, suppliers and the community in general, are essential to guarantee the sustainability of such a scarce but vital resource for he human development.