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Fluidra’s shareholders back the company’s sound position in the light of the imminent close of the merger with Zodiac

The AGM approved the 2017 Financial Statements and Directors’ Report In business year 2017, Fluidra increased its net profit by 47.7%, with record sales of 781 million euros (+9.6%) and EBITDA of 105 million euros (+22.4%) These results mean that the company by far exceeded the targets set in its 2018 Strategic Plan one and […]

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Fluidra’s shareholders approve proposed merger with Zodiac

Fluidra’s shareholders today approved the proposed merger of Fluidra with Zodiac, and the addition of four new members to the Fluidra Board of Directors The combination of Fluidra’s leading positions in Europe, Asia and Australia with Zodiac’s strong presence in the U.S., sets the foundation for the new Fluidra, a global leader in pool equipment […]

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