General Shareholders’ Meeting 2016

Notice and Agenda
Call for the General Shareholder’s Meeting 2016 Download file 
Proposals for agreements and documentation
Proposals of resolutions to be submited to the General Meeting  Download file
Audit committee Annual Report 2015 Download file
Report on the Compensation Policy 2015 Download file 
Compensation Policy for the directors of Fluidra, S.A. Download file 
Report issued by the board of directors of Fluidra, S.A. on the
amendment to article 38 of the bylaws of the Company
Download file 
Favorable report of the Board of Directors on the proposal for ratification and
appointment of Dispur, S.L.
Download file 
Total number of shares and voting rights on the date of the call Download file 
Board of Directors Regulations Download file
Proxy Voting
Articles of association Art. 29 – Spanish version Download file 
Regulations of the General Meeting Art. 12 – Spanish version Download file 
Remote Voting
Articles of association Art. 31 – Spanish version Download file 
Regulations of the General Meeting Art. 24 – Spanish version Download file
Annual Accounts
Annual Accounts and Director’s Report 2015 Download file
Corporate Governance Annual Report
Corporate Governance Annual Report 2015 Download file 
Shareholders Forum
Link to shareholders forum
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Indications Download file 
See Map Download file 
Proceedings at General Shareholders’ Meeting 2016
Approved Resolutions Download file 
Final Quorum – Spanish version Download file 
Votes – Spanish version Download file 
Executive President’s speech – Spanish version Download file