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Glass pools, also known as acrylic pools, are gaining presence in many different places, whether they are for commercial use ( hotel or spa swimming pools) or for private use in homes and even for use in the community in residential developments.

With its aesthetic and functional advantages, this alternative has been gaining popularity in aquatic areas.

What is an acrylic pool?

An acrylic pool has one or more transparent walls which are made of glass or acrylic materials (hence its name).

Thanks to this feature, they differ from traditional swimming pools because their transparency eliminates any visual obstacles and provides spectacular views, both from inside and outside the pool.

Advantages and requirements of a transparent acrylic pool

This type of swimming pool is gaining popularity, not only for private use, but also for creating unique and exclusive spaces in hotels, spas, campsites, residential developments and similar environments.

Its infinite design options make it possible to create a completely personalized transparent acrylic pool adapted to the space where it is to be installed.

The transparent materials offer a unique experience which increases the attractiveness of the swimming pool, both for its direct use and also for the environment in which it is located, enhancing a pool terrace or bar, for example, for those who want to relax beside an architectural project of this kind.

On a practical level, the glass or acrylic pools are highly resistant to impact and chemical corrosion and have maximum durability so they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Design recommendations

The acrylic pools are even more attractive if they are located in prime settings, where owners or clients can admire the natural surroundings.

Among the projects of this kind where Fluidra has been involved, one of the highlights was the one in Caldea (Andorra), the first panoramic swimming pool situated on a natural river.

Suspended in the air with different elements of water and lights, it includes two different levels and offers a visual and relaxing experience like no other.

But aerial installation is not the only recommended option for these pools. The transparency of their construction also offers very good results when it can be admired from the outside at lower levels.

A swimming pool that can be admired from a restaurant on the floor below, or even from a lower room in a house, are creative and eye-catching solutions that offer not only endless possibilities but also an element of surprise for guests and users.

The care taken in the design and installation is equally as important as other accessories that emphasise the style of these pools. Waterfall showers, or other water features, help to enhance the exclusivity of these pools.

We also suggest choosing original finishes. For example, overflowing acrylic pools, in which we merge the transparency of their design with the ‘infinity’ sensation, are very attractive options in any project.