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A new alternative in chlorinator for pools has become increasingly popular. Today, saltwater pools are one of the most attractive trends in aquatic installations across the world, as they generate sanitized pools without the use of chlorine products (hypochlorite, chlorine tablets, etc.).

The saltwater pools’ concept is simple: instead of using chlorine for sanitation, they use saline chlorination products, which use salt for this process. The result is a modern, efficient and sustainable installation.

We share how saltwater pools work, what the options on the market are right now and their main benefits.

Saline chlorination by electrolysis: an alternative to a traditional chlorinator for pools

Saline chlorination systems are able to generate chlorine gas by electrolysis, a process that separates elements from any compound by means of electricity. In this case, saline chlorination systems take salt water to dissolve chlorine and sanitize water immediately.

Electrolysis systems have been enhanced by technological innovations and different treatment elements, that join their forces to improve efficiency and sanitation. Such is the case of the Neolysis treatment, which incorporates ultraviolet technology in electrolysis treatments through a single piece of equipment.

This system doubles its sanitation properties while also eliminating chloramines (which are created when chlorine makes contact with sweat, cosmetics and other elements introduced in water by swimmers.

Saline chlorination achieves important energy and water savings, as explained further down this article. Besides, an additional benefit of using this system is that accessories and pool filters also last longer.

Benefits of saline chlorination

  • Economic savings: saline chlorination automatically preserves stable levels in water. Thus, installations save money in terms of maintenance staff and chemical product purchasing .
  • Safer installations: saline chloration systems avoid the need for manipulating chlorine and, thus, the possibility of related accidents.
  • More satisfactory experience: saltwater pools incorporate a minimum level of sodium chloride, and one that is much less than the one on sea water, which translates into a more pleasant experience for users. Besides, the smell of chlorine and skin, eyes and scalp issues associate with this element can be avoided.
  • Sustainability: saline chlorination generates hypochlorite, which turns into salt after decomposing. This makes it a sustainable process that doesn’t require the constant incorporation of more elements, while also reducing waste and the carbon footprint.
Freepool 2: Fluidra’s proposal

Freepool 2 is the treating and sanitizing solution designed by Fluidra in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Ctrl4 Enviro and the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona.

Freepool 2 offers optimum air and water quality and guarantees health, security and comfort for pool users. This is an innovative solution that incorporates three water treatment technologies in a single product, optimizing sanitation and pH control in the most natural and efficient way possible:

  • Low salinity salt electrolysis for water sanitation
  • Mid-pressure ultraviolet to reduce combined chloramines
  • High-efficiency CO2 injections for pH regulation

The benefits of Freepool 2

  • Energetically efficient and sustainable: it completely eliminates the use of chlorinated products and acids, as sanitation is produced through saline electrolysis and UV light, while also regulating pH values using C=2. Besides, replenishment water’ consumption is reduced by 66%, which also translates into energy savings for the installation.
  • Healthy for users:
    • Eliminates eye irritation and improves breathing
    • Reduces combine chloramines in water by 20%
    • Prevents skin irritation from happening
    • Minimizes ocular, nasal and respiratory (asthma) issues, as well as inflammatory reactions in the respiratory tract
    • Minimizing the concentration of oxidants in the atmosphere also improves air quality by 75% and reduces the smell of chlorine.
  • Intelligent and automatized: Freepool 2 allows for an automatized management, which eliminates human error, improves installation security and reduces maintenance costs.

To sum up, the evolution of water treatment systems allows for the incorporation of new techniques to treatment cycles. This way, space is saved in technical rooms while a higher efficiency and quality in water treatments is achieved.
At the same time, these systems direct the water installations’ industry towards achieving increasingly sustainable solutions.

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