An efficient aquatic facility is one that features minimal environmental impact by using low levels of water and energy resources and at the same time is feasible in terms of maintenance, return on investment and customer satisfaction.

LED lighting
LED lighting

Sustainable and eco-friendly subaquatic and outdoor lighting for stunning illumination.  

Fluidra manufactures the most advanced LED technology and designs facilities with efficient lighting that respects the environment while keeping unnecessary energy consumption and cost for the client down to a minimum. 

Whether it’s a pool or an ornamental fountain, Fluidra has color lighting able to reinvent your water facility every day. Our lighting makes it possible to highlight the beauty of a facility and its surroundings through a range of colors that can be chosen to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion: romantic, fun, serene, etc. 

Efficient filtration and recirculation

Pools are an extremely attractive and eye-catching feature for users looking for a perfect aquatic experience. At the same time, swimming pools are constantly evolving to offer greater performance and sustainability in many sectors, such as hospitality, sport clubs, wellness, competition events, and real estate.

Efficient pumps 

The KIVU® pump is the invisible “heart” of any commercial pool that requires water circulation. It is a great example of our innovation focused on efficiency and sustainability. KIVU® pumps deliver maximum efficiency while operating almost silently, which means no disturbance to guests or users. The use of top performing self-priming pumps for high flow rates, such as those in the KIVU range, provide hydraulic efficiency of 78% without a pre-filter (in compliance with ISO standard 9906). 

The use of variable speed pumps can result in energy savings of up to 65% and reduce noise levels by as much as 75%. 

Water reutilization

We are fully committed to water recirculation and reutilization systems that give a second life to this precious resource. To that end, we are promoting a more sustainable use of one of the planet’s most vital—and in some places, scarce—resources. The water used for backwashing the filters can subsequently be treated and reused for other cleaning purposes. 

OC-1 System 

This represents the latest technology in innovative filter media for public swimming pools. Unlike traditional methods that use entrapment, OC-1 works by settling, which means that debris and micro particles are deposited within the OC-1 cells throughout the bed rather than being trapped in the middle.  

Efficient disinfection

Proper water treatment is vital for any successful aquatic project: both users and operators in all sectors positively value water that is always in the best condition. 

Users are increasingly giving more importance to the environmental and health aspects of the activities in which they participate, and this is particularly so in the swimming pool sector. Hotels, sports centers, resorts, wellness centers, and competition events all want to provide water in their pools that is in optimal condition. 

This is why Fluidra has developed water disinfection systems that efficiently ensure water quality and user comfort while incorporating innovative sustainable techniques, such as disinfection by Neolysis®.  

Neolysis ®

The combination of UV technology with low salinity electrolysis in a single reactor has proven to be a great solution for the treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water. The Neolysis® system combines the most notable characteristics and advantages of each of these technologies while eliminating their drawbacks and limitations. UV technology and electrolysis systems are well known and have been commercialized individually, but it is only now that the amazing results of this combination in a single reactor have been fully realized and brought to market. 

Freepool 2 system

This is a revolutionary solution for water treatment (filtration and disinfection), guaranteeing health and comfort with the minimal environmental impact, developed in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

The Freepool 2 system disinfects the water by using the most natural and sustainable technology on the market: Neolysis®. This corrects the pH levels by injecting high-efficiency CO2 through a GVG system, while reducing water consumption. The system reduces the combined chloramines in the water by 20%, prevents skin rashes, reduces problems to the eyes, nose and respiratory tract such as asthma and inflammatory reactions. The reduction in the concentration of oxidants in the air by 75% improves its quality and it smells less of chlorine. 

Natural pools and ponds

Fluidra applies state-of-the-art technology to continuously control water quality in natural swimming pools and ponds. This means that there is no need to use chemicals because plants, mechanical filters, phosphates, and biological elements treat the water. Today, natural pools and ponds offer a uniquely rich experience that is closer to nature, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. They are ideal for providing an ornamental touch to gardens or green spaces, both inside and outside a building. Also, they can be equipped with additional decorative water elements, such as a small waterfall or geyser.

Natural pools and ponds

Fluidra’s natural pools and ponds are an ideal solution for many projects, and they are becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for eco-friendly creations. The perfect ecosystem keeps water permanently clean while creating an environment in harmony with its natural surroundings.  

Automatization and IoT

We develop automation and IoT (internet of things) systems that are focused on the latest industry innovations. This includes solutions ranging from tablet-controlled pools to custom water choreographies for fountains.  

All sectors are now taking advantage of these new technologies to provide the user and operator with an enhanced experience and more capacity. These new technologies save time for the operator and optimize the efficiency of facilities 

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, as we can provide everything you need to ensure your aquatic facility is always in top condition.  

Fluidra connect

Fluidra Connect is the smart solution that allows the operator to remotely supervise and control the pool. This makes it possible to diagnose, manage, and control the water facility from a computer screen. 

This IoT technology provides real-time information about the installation, which helps to optimize the operational time of the pool, resulting in greater efficiency. 

Fluidra Connect allows you to control a range of pool elements, including filtration, water treatment systems, pool lighting, irrigation systems, water jets, pool covers, and heat/dehumidification systems.  

Innfo pool

This is a solution that issues reports on the quality of a pool’s water in real time in sports centers, hotels, campsites and public pools. Users are able to check ahead of time whether the pool in which they are going to swim is well treated and in premium condition, so that they can go on to enjoy themselves with complete peace of mind. InnfoPool displays information about each of the pools in a facility on a single screen. 


Efficient Air & Water heating cooling

The optimal temperature both in and out of the water is a vital component for maximizing users comfort and enjoyment of the facility. Depending on the location and time of year, this could mean quite different requirements in terms of heating or cooling the air and water. Our systems provide energy-efficient functionality for both processes, along with automation options to make pool management even easier. 

Air heating cooling

An aquatic facility is more than just about water: there are several elements, like air treatment, that need to be considered when providing a comfortable and safe environment. To address this need, Fluidra has developed dehumidification systems with built-in UV disinfection to treat the air. This technology provides air disinfected from possible pathogens and with just the right humidity, according to use and dimensions, to generate an optimal ecosystem in an enclosed space. 

Fluidra’s new air disinfection system with UV light adds extra safety to your facility. AIRPOOL Reno UV can be easily fitted into existing facilities, both in terms of physical dimensions and flow-rate requirements.  

With several UV disinfection outlets, this system is extremely efficient in fighting the spread of pathogens. The range of AIRPOOL UV dehumidifiers delivers all of the advantages of standard AIRPOOL models, with the added extra benefit of UV treatment units for air disinfection.  

Water heating cooling

When it comes to sustainability and cost savings, Fluidra’s heat pumps are synonymous with hi-tech. They are the most economical solution to heat pool water and extend the bathing season at an outdoor pool by harnessing the air’s thermal energy. Their main features are the energy savings generated by adjusting the pool settings to offer optimal performance, a wireless remote control, an alarm history report, and a home automation system.