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An emotional shower, also known as an experience or sensorial shower, is an aquatic feature that’s becoming increasingly common in stylish wellness spaces. They usually feature minimal designs, soothing colors, and often nature-inspired jet configurations.

However, experience showers can go far beyond the rainfall effects that are already so popular. They can also feature a wide variety of jets depending on the desired effect: stimulating, relaxing, refreshing, etc. Some models include sound and aroma both in water and air, plus an additional external thermostat, reverse circuit and sequence control to have an accurate control over the environment.

Another interesting new trend is the so-called emotional tunnel where spa users move through a set of multiple showers with different pressures and patterns. This novel feature creates a sense of luxury and calm.

The benefits of an experience shower for wellness users

However, an experience shower’s benefits are not only aesthetic — they also have wellness benefits. Hydrotherapy jets can provide localized therapy that stimulates the metabolism, nervous system, and blood flow with streams of water at contrasting pressures and temperatures.

Color lighting has also benefits. Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is a practice encompassed within alternative medicine that suggests that color exerts a physical, psychic, and emotional influence on us. This reconfigures vital energy and promotes self-healing as follows:

  • Red: Stimulates the liver and improves blood circulation.
  • Orange: Stimulates the respiratory system and improves calcium fixation. It is an anti-fatigue color. Increases optimism.
  • Green: Rests and fortifies the sight. Like the color red, it improves blood circulation.
  • Pink: Stimulates the kidneys. Controls depression.
  • Purple: Used for treatment against contractures, sciatica and improvement of mood. Reduces anxiety and fear.
  • Blue: Helps alleviate asthma. It’s antiseptic and astringent, and promotes peace and tranquility. Opens the mind.
  • Yellow: Aids the digestive system and muscle tone. Stimulates the intellect and is anti-fatigue.
  • Turquoise: Helps maintain calm, relaxation and good mood.

Another feature used by emotional or sensory showers is aromatherapy, which can be diffused through the water or the air. Aromatherapy is based on the usage of essential oils and other aroma compounds to promote health, relaxation and well-being. Aromatherapy has an increasing fundamental function in wellness centers, creating themed spaces and experiences.

Finally, music therapy in wellness is the use of sonic interventions to calm and soothe. It also helps to create a thematic atmosphere for each wellness area in order to make the experience more immersive and stimulating.

Astralpool features and models

Astralpool experience showers seek to create, through the contact between water and skin, a journey of sensations. With infinite combinations of jets and lights and with an elegant minimalist design, these sensory showers create a connection between a trendy design and the wildest nature.

AstralPool’s range of treatment showers features top-of-the-line parts. Designed for professional use, they require low-maintenance, are easy to install, and are equipped for long-term use.

Elegant anywhere

Emotional showers aren’t only suitable for wellness centers. They can also be a unique recovery wellness offering at a sports club, creating a key differentiator. Likewise, at hotels and resorts, an innovative relaxation experience can command a higher average ticket per room. The same goes for real estate developments — an experience shower will increase the added value of the property, making your condominium stand out from the rest.

Experience showers are the ultimate new installation for stylish spas, hotels, clubs, and developments. With attractive designs and various health benefits, it could be the unique selling point that your business needs.

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