Ornamental solutions to enrich landscaping and inspire the public featuring efficient construction and maintenance costs, with products manufactured in-house.

With Fluidra’s experience in fountain design stretching back to 1997, we have the background and know-how to provide ornamental fountains that enrich the landscaping. Working with internationally renowned architects, we offer fully customizable unique fountain designs.

Some of our most highlighted facilities include fountains in places as far-flung as the Turkistan City Hall Fountains Watershow (Turkistan, Kazakhstan) and La Pedrera Park Fountain (San Luís, Argentina). More of our customizability and uniqueness can be seen at the Astana Expo 2017 (Astana, Kazakhstan) and the Newcastle Great Exhibition of the North (Newcastle, United Kingdom) as well as Geyser Bakú (Bakú, Azerbaijan).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Landscaping Fountains

Our long-held experience and expertise in fountains for landscaping purposes include a host of benefits. The excitement and awe that these fountains produce in people come from a variety of factors, including.

Generates emotions and attracts focus
Energy efficient
Durable and reliable solution
Intelligent and automated
Low maintenance

Landscaping Fountains Portfolio

Dry Deck Fountain

An interactive and multifunctional water feature that is installed just below ground level. It produces a series of jets that can be customized to any purpose generating fast and dynamic water displays

Vessel Fountain

The colors, flow and soothing sounds of the water provide a visual and aural treat for the senses while bringing together open-air or indoor common spaces

Water Show

A grand display of lights and color against a backdrop of jets of water from the fountain. It’s exciting to watch the extraordinary spectacle of water, light, sound, color, and even fire

Water Mirror

An elegant sheet of water that adds a refreshing sense of splendor to public spaces. People congregate and wonder at the harmony of design it brings to gardens and interior rooms alike


A huge spurt of water that shoots dramatically into the sky from an already existing natural body of water, like a bay or harbor.

Floating fountains

Floating fountains are temporary floating structures that are placed on rivers, lakes or the sea itself where you can install water shows, dry-deck fountains or geysers.
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