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Pool covers are essential accessories for all operators of swimming pools, especially in the real estate and hospitality spaces. With the right pool cover, the swimming pool area will benefit from ideal protection, while end-users also have multiple advantages.

In this article, we’ll see:

  • Pool cover features;
  • Benefits of pool covers;
  • The best pool cover options for residential and commercial facilities.
Pool cover features

Thanks to their responsible, efficient, hygienic and safety benefits, pool covers are a must-have item for pool operators. 

The pool cover is a solution designed to prevent heat loss and pool water evaporation, also keeping the water warm whenever the facility is not in use. Additionally, pool covers can improve water hygiene and provide a safer overall environment for end-users and operators.

Finally, a pool cover is a key safety element that prevents possible accidents and people falling into the water. Some models can also enhance the space where they are integrated by becoming a terrace which can be used in other ways.

Top 10 benefits of pool covers

Using pool covers allows operators to guarantee safety and hygiene for their pool at all times of the year, regardless of how much their pool is being used. This prolongs the life of the pool and compensates for the investment of installing it in the facility.

Here are the top reasons why you should have a pool cover.


First and foremost, pool covers increase the safety of every user accessing the pool area. Thanks to floating slats that cover the entire water surface, visitors (people and/or pets) will be prevented from accidentally falling into the pool when no other protection measures are in place. Some models can also incorporate anti-slip surfaces for added safety.

Adaptability and versatility

Whatever the space and the size, pool covers can be made to fit the exact dimensions needed. An automatic cover also enables better personalisation of your swimming pool overall. Moreover, pool covers can be designed to be part of the installation from the start or can be easily retrofitted afterwards.


Pool covers are made to last, but they also provide more durability to your environment overall. For example, using a pool cover indoors prevents condensation in an enclosed space and thus avoids any damage to the surrounding equipment and materials. All components of pool covers should be made with corrosion-resistant, waterproof materials.

Efficient and sustainable

Covering your pool reduces heat loss, which in turn means you will spend less energy on reheating the water, which means cost savings regardless of the heating system already in place.

It also prevents evaporation by up to 80%, reducing dehumidification and new water inputs. For pools with a chemical disinfection system, less evaporation means a saving on the use of chemical products, too. Beyond saving money, it is also better for the environment.

Low-maintenance and hygienic

A pool cover solution allows easy access to its engine and moving parts, making it a low-maintenance option from an operational point of view. Reducing the amount of suspended particles, and preventing dirt and debris from falling into the water, also makes your pool easier to maintain and keep clean.

Budget savings

Acting as thermal barriers that prevent heat loss and evaporation, pool covers can provide huge cost savings. Not only do you not need to top up the water as much, but you will save on the water treatment products needed for disinfection and on the cost of heating the water.

Saving water, reducing algae formation and particles falling in the water, and reducing the need for filtration, are all great positive budget impacts for pool owners.

Quick installation

Thanks to the use of completely prefabricated components that take very little time to set up, it is easy and quick to install a pool cover.

Easy to use

Pool covers are lightweight and benefit from an automatic roll-up system. These are silent and make them quick and easy to open and close.

Reliability and user comfort

Pool covers keep the water at the desired  temperature, making it more comfortable for users and easier for you to rely on.

Accelerated ROI for Deckwell and Movable Floor options

These models increase the versatility of your pool, maximizing its usability. You will be able to take advantage of the pool for other economically profitable activities –therefore, this could double the rentability of your pool and the surrounding space.

The best pool cover for real estate complexes and hospitality facilities

Pool cover safety elements are always evolving as they adhere to the latest standards. Automatic pool covers, for example, meet the demands of French standard NF P90 308, guaranteeing maximum user safety. We recommend these types for real estate and hospitality pools, as they are easy to roll-up or unroll thanks to the built-in motorized roller.

Manufactured in rigid slats available in various colors, the result is a floating cover that fits over the entire pool surface and delivers effective heat insulation. You can choose from submerged models, above-ground ones, or some of the more specialized ones below.

Above ground pool covers

For an already existing pool, these models are ideal, as their winding shaft can be fastened in place to the pool decking. The system unfolding the cover is placed above the pool, so all elements are clearly visible and accessible.

Above ground pool covers with protective casing can be upgraded with a bench that covers the mechanical installation and provides a high-quality finish.

Submerged (in-ground) pool covers

These models integrate completely with the pool. Their roller mechanism is located in a separate sunken compartment sectioned off from the pool by a brick or a PVC panel.

There are two subtypes of submerged covers, depending on how the roller deck system is set up: dry decking or in-ground decking. The pool cover comes into contact with the water in both cases, floating at the surface.

In-ground pool covers also have different motor systems, either in the dry pit or in the shaft. Having the motor in a dry pit makes it more accessible, so it’s ideal for large pools under construction that need a large cover. The motor will be placed in a separate sunken compartment and both the roller axle and the cover are housed at one end inside the pool itself. This system makes maintenance easier.

Motors in the shaft are recommended for existing pools, thanks to their quick and easy installation. The motor is integrated inside the roller axle and can be installed easily in pools already in place up to 6 meters wide.

In-ground pool covers are the best option for hotels and real estate developments, since they are sleek, integrated into the pool, and combine perfectly with their surroundings for a more stylish look.

Special pool cover models

Besides the classic above ground and submerged pool cover models, other options exist to provide great performance and safety features. It also makes them blend into the surroundings with a great visual appeal.

  • Wooden deckwell

Deckwell is a new generation of mobile terrace in a kit already fit for swimming pools. This ingenious solution combines aesthetics, safety and functionality. You can enjoy an additional terrace space when it’s closed and the pool is not in use, while also having a stylish decking and total protection from the water underneath.

With its secure set-up, in both open and closed positions, Deckwell features lockable knobs fixed to metal studs which in turn are fixed to the floor with chemical cement. This makes the cover extra secure and accident-proof.

Deckwell pool covers are made from high-strength aluminum, lacquered under the Qualicoat SeaSide Standard. The underside has 8mm cellular polycarbonate that serves as a barrier for water evaporation in the glass and prevents rainwater from getting in. This protection is completed with EPDM gaskets around the perimeter of the platform to the ground. All in all, it creates a very effective pool insulation plan.

  • Movable floor 

Instead of using a traditional pool cover, a movable pool floor makes it possible to stage several activities with  various depths of water.

This system is based on a mobile platform that is submerged in the water and changes the height of the pool shell, creating several zones of the pool of varying depths.

Additionally, adjusting the floor height to reduce the depth of the pool also helps you get greater energy savings and improved safety. The floor can be moved right up to the surface of the water, becoming a pool cover and using the new space for other purposes.

Pool covers: An optimal add-on to boost your pool’s functionality and rentability

Whether you are looking to cover your pool to keep water from getting dirty, debris from falling in, or the temperature of the water from decreasing in cold weather, pool covers offer all that and more.

If you’re looking for a more flexible, stylish solution to make your pool more economically rewarding, a cover for it should be your target. With a wide range of choices and functionalities available, they are an ideal add-on to residential, hospitality or commercial pools indoors and outdoors.

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