Temporary pools, quick and easy to build, are versatile and sturdy solutions for all types of events that require large-scale pools to be installed and dismantled in record time.

Fluidra is an experienced supplier of special event pools. Using custom professional technology proven worldwide  we install large-scale pools that are ready for action in just a few hours. While incredibly versatile, these pools are strong and can be adapted to a multitude of activities.

Our special event pools have catered for all types of sporting events, from windsurfing and  wakeboarding to kayaking competitions. They have also been used as public leisure pools.

We have provided special event pools at the Staples Center for the X-Games (Los Angeles, USA) as well as a 33 x 90 m pool for the Fundole Windsurf Indoor World Tour 1989 (Lyon, France) and the Orangina Wake Jam Tour 2009 (París, France).

Benefits of Fluidra’ Special Event Pools

Combining experience and proven results with attention to the latest trends and technologies, Fluidra’s special event pool solutions present lots of benefits for event organizers.

Adaptability to any space, shape or project
Quick installation and disassembly in hours
Solid and robust, able to withstand the most diverse uses
Lightweight structure
Easy to use
Smart and automated

Special Event Pools Portfolio

Laghetto Custom professional

For temporary events, Piscine Laghetto's custom professional technology means the pool can be installed and dismantled in just a few hours. They are also highly resistant and can be used for a variety of activities without compromising their features or performance
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