Scalable and elegant wellness solutions designed to change the mood and captivate users. Elements assembled in efficient and sustainable designs.

Wellbeing has grown into a huge popular trend. People want to disconnect from the stress of their everyday lives and revitalize their bodies and minds.

Fluidra has a wealth of experience in offering a variety of solutions to notable wellness centers, such as the Wellness Center Inúu (Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra) where the natural valley complements the stunning architecture. The Cascade Sand in Taufers (Campo Tures, Italy) also blends with the extraordinary Alpine landscape. Other centers such as the Wellness Center Chairama Spa (Bogotá, Colombia), Silence Fitness & Spa (Calella, Spain), and Aire Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) are fantastic examples of a center fitting seamlessly within its surroundings.

Benefits of Fluidra’s Wellness Center

Our wellness center solutions are created with a variety of different techniques and approaches that, after decades of research and development, offer an exceptional range of products that incorporates the following benefits.

Exclusive and distinctive solutions
Customizable solutions
Energy efficient
Durable and reliable solution
Added value for businesses: accelerate ROI
Intelligent and automated
Low maintenance

Wellness Center Portfolio

Finnish Sauna

Traditional sweat room that purifies the body and skin and relaxes the mind like nowhere else

Steam Bath

Complete immersion in steam opens the pores and detoxifies the skin through perspiration

Salt Sauna

A hot, sauna-like cabin with a wall of Himalayan salt, a traditional and integral part of halotherapy. The heat energizes the natural negative ions of the salt to strengthen the respiratory and immune systems

Ice Elements

After the hot environment of the sauna, plunging yourself into freezing ice rooms provides a variety of health benefits. The sudden change in temperature is particularly beneficial for the circulatory system

Vitality Pool

An opportunity to relax using a variety of water conditions. Temperature and pressure are altered to promote loosening of the muscles and general body healing

Emotional Showers

Showers designed to create an experience that is both pleasant and healthy. The numerous combinations of jets and lights provide a unique sensory experience.

Children Wellness

A dedicated space where little ones can enjoy themselves


A holistic technological solution that adapts and personalizes the hospitality environment in a way that best suits user’s needs
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