Elegant and exclusive wellness solutions, designed to captivate and relax guests and easily adapt to any space and circuit. Elements assembled in efficient and sustainable designs.

Wellness tourism has been one of the fastest growing trends in the hospitality sector over the past years. Fluidra uses its greatest resources, technical know-how and experience, to give hotels and tourist complexes the ability to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on bringing profitability to wellness spaces.

But don’t just take our word for it. A visit to the stunning hillside complex of Six Senses Kaplankaya (Kaplankaya, Turkey) is rewarding in itself, one glance at the infinity pool carved into the rock tells you all you need to know about our design expertise. The way the wellness pool at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) blends seamlessly into the white sands is unparalleled. See also our exquisite examples at the Doha Oasis (Qatar, Doha), Sport Hermitage SPA (Soldeu, Andorra), and the 3HB Collection Faro Hotel (Faro, Portugal).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Hospitality Wellness 

Our wellness pools are designed with the combined wealth of tradition, technology, innovation, and expertise, resulting in.

Elegant, exclusive and distinctive solutions
Sustainable and energy efficient
Smart and automated
Quick installation
Easy to use and maintain
Easily integrable and adaptable solution
Increases average transaction
Hygienic, healthy, safe and comfortable for users

Hospitality Wellness Portfolio

Finnish sauna

Traditional sweat room created with water heated by coals that purifies the body, skin and relaxes the mind like nowhere else

Steam Bath

Complete immersion in steam opens the pores and detoxifies the skin through perspiration

Salt Sauna

A hot, sauna-like cabin with a wall of Himalayan salt, a traditional and integral part of halotherapy. The heat energizes the natural negative ions of the salt to strengthen the respiratory and immune systems

Ice Elements

After the hot environment of the sauna, plunging yourself into freezing ice rooms provides a variety of health benefits. The sudden change in temperature is particularly beneficial for the circulatory system

Vitality Pool

An opportunity to relax using a variety of water conditions. Temperature and pressure are altered to loosen the muscles and promote overall healing

Emotional Shower

Showers designed to create an experience at once beautiful and health-giving. The numerous combinations of jets and lights provide a unique sensory experience

Children wellness

A dedicated space for little ones to enjoy themselves


A holistic technological solution that adapts and personalizes the hospitality environment in a way that it responds to the user’s individual needs
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