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Copenhagen, Denmark

Wellness and beer are compatible! A wellness center in the former building of the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen

In the vibrant Carlsberg Byen district, the former Carlsberg factory is being given a new lease of life as AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen, a new benchmark relaxation oasis in Denmark's capital. The iconic building dating back to 1881 has been returned to its former glory, with its original features restored and now part of the magical AIRE Ancient Baths atmosphere. A place where time no longer exists, where you can have a unique experience of total disconnection for the body and mind.

Description of Fluidra's scope

AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen is part of an extensive chain of prestigious wellness centers in Roman style or architecture. The brand’s way of working consists in restoring old baths to achieve maximum relaxation for the body and mind, making it a unique experience for the senses. Hidroingenia, Fluidra Comercial España’s customer, supplied and installed Astralpool products in this amazing wellness center designed by Alonso Balaguer architecture, which is setting a new trend in the market.Credits: AIRE Ancient Baths / Photos: Jens Markus Lindhe