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Santa Susanna, Spain


The Atzavara Hotel & Spa is a luxury hotel 5***** located in Santa Susanna, between Barcelona and Girona, between the sea and the mountains. The name of the hotel comes from a typical plant of its coasts, the atzavara. A plant with leaves full of life that symbolizes the unique spaces of the Atzavara Hotel & Spa. This hotel, which belongs to the Aqua Hotel Group hotel chain, has six different gastronomic spaces, a spa and wellness center, seven outdoor pools, a gym, stores, 465 rooms, 20 rooms for all kinds of events and many amenities. It has everything to organize a perfect event with state-of-the-art facilities. Due to its large dimensions -45,000 m2 in total-, it covers the needs of both MICE tourism and holiday guests. In fact, the hotel has 29 swimming pools! Seven outdoor pools for the leisure of the whole family and 22 small pools integrated into the suite rooms. The spa and wellness center is a secluded space inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle with a water circuit, saunas, treatments, beauty services, massage cabins and gym. The ideal place to relax body and mind. According to Isern & Associates, the architecture of the hotel does not try to hide the size of the building and breathes a modern summer architecture, which so well defines the Mediterranean. White, concrete, lattices and louvers organize 7 cozy blocks that form a world in itself, where the passage of light, air and visuals is facilitated in the separations between them. The different rooms are dressed in Mediterranean style through a chromatic palette in earth, beige and blue tones, also with clay, wood and rattan.

Description of Fluidra's scope

All the pools in this incredible hotel have been built by Recoder Piscines Maresme, while all the pool products and solutions (filtration systems, pumps, water treatment systems, pool covers, etc.) have been supplied by Fluidra Comercial EspaƱa, with its range of Astralpool and Zodiac products. In addition, all the pools are controlled through an innovative remote control system called Fluidra Connect, which allows operators to manage all the pools and their parameters through a mobile device. Fluidra also participated in the conceptualization and architectural design of the pools in collaboration with the architectural firm Isern & Associates, who were in charge of the architectural and interior design of the entire hotel.