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Almaty, Kazakhstan

A pedestrian light-dynamic fountain for a pleasant walk

This pedestrian dry-deck fountain is located in a garden square near the "Palace of Schoolchildren" in the Medeu district of the city of Almaty (Kazakhstan), a city that stands out for its large number of well-kept parks and public spaces, full of fountains and vegetation. Completed in May 2023, this fountain is an ideal ornamental element to entertain the walks of the inhabitants of Almaty as well as a refreshing space for children to play with the dynamic jets of water. At night, the fountain lights up to recreate some mesmerizing water choreographies.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Supplied by Fluidra Kazakhstan, the fountain has 40 water jets through 16mm stainless steel nozzles, an Astralpool filtration and disinfection system located in the technical room and Astral mini RGB aquatic lights that produce more than 16 million different color tones.