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Santiago de Chile, Chile

Fluidra refurbished and extended the aquatic sports center for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile.

Fluidra carried out a project to refurbish and extend the Aquatic Center in Chile’s National Stadium to host the 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, that was held between 20 October and 5 November, and between 17 and 26 November, respectively, in Santiago de Chile.

Description of Fluidra's scope

The project consisted in the renovation of the competition pool (50 x 25 x 3 meters) and the training pool (50 x 25 x 2 meters), as well as the refurbishment and extension of the diving pool (20 x 25 x 5 meters). All of the work was carried out in line with the requisites set in the regulation on facilities by World Aquatics, formerly the International Swimming Federation (FINA). In the case of the competition and training pools, Fluidra’s proposal included the renovation of the pools’ coping using Skypool renovation panels in galvanized steel, the replacement of the current hydraulic system units and new swimming competition accessories. For the diving pool, the project included the renovation of the pool’s coping using Skypool galvanized steel panels 1.2 meters in height, plus the walkway, the sparger and agitation systems. In addition, we replaced and extended the current hydraulic system units with filters, filtration pumps, valves and a disinfection system.