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Brest, France

Oceanopolis: an alternative way to learn about our oceans

Oceanopolis is a science center dedicated to the oceans located in Brest (France) near the Moulin Blanc marina. The shape of the first building, the temperate pavilion, is reminiscent of a crab. A public facility, it is owned by Brest Métropole and is managed by a semi-public company, Brest'aim. Designed by architect Jacques Rougerie, Océanopolis opened in 1992. The main objective was to provide a showcase for marine science through the temperate pavilion. Brest conducts 60% of European research on the sea. Completely reorganized in 2000 with the addition of the polar and tropical pavilions, Océanopolis takes a scientific approach to the marine environment as a whole. For this, around fifty aquariums of 50 to 1,000,000 liters are made available to the public for the shark pool. In addition to basins, various media (video, interactive terminals, panels, etc.) provide additional information on the biology of species, the protection of environments, how ecosystems work, etc.