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Napoli, Italy

Napoli 2019 welcomed the world to the Summer Universiade’s 60th birthday

The 2019 Summer Universiade, the XXX Summer Universiade was held in Naples (Italy) between 3 and 14 July 2019. Sitting just south of Rome, Napoli combined the dynamism of university sport with the region’s culture and history in the summer of 2019. It’s particularly fitting that an Italian city hosted the event’s 30th edition as the Summer Universiade got its start six decades ago in Torino. From the hub of the city to the whole of the region, there are plenty of options for people to either participate in or watch from the sidelines as a sports spectator. The 2019 Summer Universiade hosts are prepared to run an efficient operation – one that leaves refurbished sports venues throughout the Campania Region for people to enjoy for years. With the passion of sports pulsing through the city, Napoli 2019 should add further inspiration to add sports to people’s daily lives, particularly on the university campus. Even with the Napoli 2019 Universiade flame is extinguished, this Summer Universiade is poised to leave a shining legacy for many years to come.

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Supply of equipment for water treatment. MEP Astralpool equipment supply through a customer.