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Sydney, Australia

Fluidra pools at the Olympic Games in the new millennium in Sydney

Opened in 1994, the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (Australia) has hosted several swimming and diving world cups, as well as the 1999 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. The center has seating on either side of the pool. When first built, it had an equal amount of seating on either side of the pool totaling 4,500 overall. For the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the seating on one side of the pool was dramatically increased to make the total capacity over 17,000 seats. After the Olympics, this side was reduced to approximately double the size of the seating on the opposite side of the pool to make the total capacity around 10,000. During the Sydney Olympics it hosted all of the swimming, diving and synchronized swimming events, plus the finals of the water polo and the swimming legs of the modern pentathlon.