Bernardo Corbera Serra

Board member

Committee member

  • Nominee
  • First designation September 5, 2007
  • Last designation May 6, 2021

Born in Barcelona in 1965, he has a degree in Business Studies from ESEI and a Senior Management Business Program degree from IESE.

He has held several positions in the Fluidra Group. Specifically, he started his career at Astral Export, S.A., heading the company’s expansion into Africa, the Middle East and Central America. He moved to the United States in 1993, where he headed market research and the subsequent roll out of Astral Products and Poltank in the US. In 1999 he joined Astral Group as head of North America and Mexico and was appointed to the Executive Committee.

He was appointed member of the Fluidra Board of Directors in 2000, as well as CEO of Edrem S.L., a family-run investment company.

He also manages and sits on the administration body of the following companies in which he is also a significant investor: Beran Cartera, S.L. and Inmobiliaria Tralsa, S.A.

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