Bruce W. Brooks



  • CEO
  • First designation July 2, 2018
  • Last designation May 5, 2022

Born in 1964, Bruce W. Brooks holds a Degree in Marketing from the University of Virginia.

Bruce brings significant experience in international management to Fluidra, after more than 20 years at Black & Decker Corporation. In 1986, shortly after obtaining his degree, he started his career at that company, where he held a number of different posts over the years, including group vice-president, president of the consumer product group, president of construction tools and vice-president of Latin America. In 2011, he joined Zodiac Pool Solutions where he held the post of CEO. During his time at Zodiac, Bruce brought the company to an approach focused on the residential pool market, thus leading the company’s financial resurgence after 2011. In 2016, Bruce oversaw the successful transition of ownership from the Carlyle Group to the Rhône Group and in 2018 he played a decisive role in the plan to integrate with Fluidra.

Throughout his career, Bruce has shown great skill in the management and development of existing companies as well as in their expansion into new markets, at both domestic and international level and is highly valued for his strategic reasoning and his capacity to develop and execute systems and processes with the successful attainment of short and long-term goals. Bruce holds the post of CEO and is also a member of the Board of Directors of Fluidra.

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