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Pool & Wellness

Fluidra’s field of business is the pool and wellness sector: we create the perfect pool experience.   

Fluidra designs, manufactures and distributes all of the components required for the construction, refurbishment, improvement and maintenance of both residential and commercial pools. Except for the concrete and water, Fluidra supplies everything! Every solution for every project!   

Thanks to its ongoing innovation, Fluidra is able to provide products and services that are increasingly automated, efficient, sustainable and cheaper to maintain. 

Residential Pools

Fluidra manufactures and distributes products, as well as provides services, essential to building and maintaining private pools.

Fluidra has the most comprehensive range of products, such as pump and filtration units, lighting, protection and safety features, coatings, ornamental waterfalls, products for disinfection and water treatment, heating, automated cleaning, connectivity and home automation.

They say that a pool is as unique as its owner. FLUIDRA delivers alternatives to concrete pool shells, such as above-ground pools by GRE and Laghetto, natural ponds by AquaForte and luxury stainless steel pools by AstralPool.

A whole host of solutions for our customers’ every taste.

Commercial pools

Fluidra understands commercial pools to be any that are for public use, such as pools in hotels and resorts, municipal pools, top-level competition pools, spa and wellness centers, lagoons and fountains.

In order to respond to the growing international demand for end-to-end projects, Fluidra has its own engineering unit, Fluidra Engineering. Its team of experts has long-standing experience in coming up with ideas for designing and assisting in the execution of projects in water facilities around the world.

Water treatment, irrigation and fluid handling

Fluidra designs and supplies full residential and commercial irrigation systems, as well as sprinklers, diffusers, controllers and piping through its brand Cepex.

Beyond the world of pools, Fluidra manufactures and distributes a high-end range of products by Cepex for industrial fluid handling and flow control.   

Fluidra also delivers solutions for improving the quality of water used in homes and public buildings such as descaling units, reverse osmosis purifiers and filtration systems.

These activities supplement the services and products that Fluidra provides to its industrial customers, with the aim of making their day-to-day business easier, which in turn makes their relationship with their customers smoother.