Confidential Channel

Confidential Channel

All of our employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders may use the Fluidra Confidential Channel to submit queries, ask for advice or report an incident.

The Fluidra Confidential Channel is hosted by a third-party whistleblowing hotline service provider.

All submissions will be handled in confidence, decisions made on well-founded grounds and the privacy of the persons involved will be respected at all times.

Access the Confidential Channel

Essential principles of the Confidential Channel management procedure


Fluidra will not tolerate any form of threat or retaliation against any person who sends a report through the Confidential Channel as well as those who participate or help in its investigation, as long as they act in good faith.


Any report sent through the Confidential Channel will be treated with the strictest confidence. This means that the information provided and the identity of the reporting person will only be disclosed to a limited number of people with proper authority, and it is expressly forbidden to disclose any type of information about the reports.

All parties involved in an internal investigation, including the reported person, are entitled to confidentiality to avoid unnecessary damage to their reputation.


The reporting person has the option to use the Confidential Channel anonymously if preferred, which may generate an extra layer of confidence to the reporter.


The accused and the people affected by an internal investigation have the right to be informed of the complaint made, the right to honor, the right to the presumption of innocence and the right of defense.


Fluidra is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone involved in an internal investigation and safeguarding their personal data from unauthorized access and processing.

Any personal data obtained in relation to the Confidential Channel will be processed according to the applicable legislation in Data Privacy.