Since its creation in 1969, Fluidra has become the leading company in the world’s pool and wellness sector.


Fluidra refurbished and extended an aquatic sports center for the 2023 Pan American Games

Fluidra’s Commercial Pool & Wellness division refurbished and extended the Aquatic Center in Chile’s National Stadium, which later hosted the 2023 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games.

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This project entailed Fluidra extending and renovatin the three pools that make up the aquatic center at Chile's National Stadium. 



Fluidra acquired Kerex in Hungary and Meranus in Germany

As a leading company in the Pool & Wellness sector, Fluidra continued to pursue its global expansion by strengthening its position of leadership through the acquisition of Kerex and Meranus

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Both Kerex and the Meranus Group are recognized dealers of pool equipment.

Following these acquisitions, Fluidra has upscaled its position of leadership in the Hungarian and German markets by delivering a much wider range of products to a broader customer base.


Fluidra to become part of the IBEX 35

The company was selected to join the Ibex 35. Major acquisitions are made in the USA and Belgium.

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Fluidra was selected to join the Ibex 35. Technical Advisory Committee selected the company to become part of the main index of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, on March 29, 2021. This decision comes after a strong performance track record and very encouraging future prospects.

At the same time, Fluidra strengthened its leading position in the sector with the acquisitions of the Splash and Zen business (Belgium), Built Right (USA), Custom Molded Products (USA), S.R. Smith (USA), and Taylor (USA).


The year of Covid-19

An excellent business year for Residential Pool because of the “stay-home” effect.

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Acquisition of Fabtronics in Australia, Aquafive in Belgium and Tenfour in Brazil.


Fluidra celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The company marks its first 50 years, celebrating its humble origins and journey to becoming the global leader in its sector

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Fluidra celebrates its 50th Anniversary Fluidra50 Event, an unprecedented water show

Fluidra and Zodiac merge

The two companies seal the deal on 2 July 2018 and create a global leader in the pool sector.

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The new Fluidra is launched: a single organization with the biggest portfolio of recognized brands and with the widest range of products to deliver a better service to the market.

Fluidra releases the Strategic Plan 2022 - Your perfect pool experience.

Sale of Aquatron

Fluidra has reached an agreement with the Austrian firm BWT Aktiengesellschaft on the sale of its subsidiary Aquatron, a manufacturer specialized in automatic pool bottom cleaners. The sale forms part of the merger between Fluidra and Zodiac approved by the European Commission on 2 July this year, and is now subject to regulatory approval for such sales.


The merger with Zodiac is announced

The announcement is made on November the 3rd, 2017.

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The news story of the year: “Fluidra and Zodiac®, a world leader in premium products for pools and spas based in the US, have signed a merger agreement that will result in a cutting-edge organization on a global scale. Today marks a major milestone for our company and the pool sector in general.”

Purchase of the Belgian company Riiot Labs and of the Italian company Piscine Laghetto.

In line with the strategic decision to focus on Pool and Wellness, Fluidra purchases Riiot Labs specialized in connectivity and of the Italian company Piscine Laghetto, which makes above-ground designer pools. The company also sales ATH. 


SIBO joins the Fluidra group

Acquisition of the Dutch company SIBO and Sunbay in France. Calplas is sold.


New branch offices and acquisitions

Purchase of Waterlinx in South Africa, Price Chemicals in Australia and Somhidros. Opening of subsidiaries in Vietnam and Croatia. Release of the 2015–2018 Strategic Plan.

Joan Planes made Honorary President

Joan Planes, founder of the company and former chairman of the Board, is appointed Honorary President.

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Joan Planes founded Astral Construcciones Metálicas S.A. together with three other partners and became its senior executive. Until the early 2000s, Planes leads Astral’s expansion and internationalization process. In 2006, his son Eloi Planes, current Executive President, takes over the lead to handle the company’s listing.

Following this appointment as Honorary President of Fluidra, Joan Planes leads Fluidra Accelera’s entrepreneurship projects and manages Fundació Fluidra.

Besides the awards given to him over his career, his work in Fluidra's process of internationalization has been widely recognized. It is particularly worth highlighting the special prize given by the Government of Catalonia for the Internationalization of Catalonia's Economy awarded in 1995 to Astral Grup, S.A. and to him personally in 2006. Also worthy of mention is the prize awarded to him by the newspaper El Periódico in 2003 to the Best Business Initiative and the Government of Catalonia's St George's Cross, which was awarded to him in 2013.


Creation of Fluidra Accelera

The Fluidra group’s startup accelerator is launched.

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First divestiture

Sale of Irrigaronne in France and incorporation of a subsidiary in Kazakhstan.


Fluidra makes the most of the crisis to reinvent itself

In a contrasting world, Fluidra consolidates its structure in Europe while expanding rapidly in other parts of the world.

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Consolidation and restructuring

In 2009, AstralPool España undergoes a major change: it merges with Cepex and MasterRiego to become Fluidra España. This will be the model followed in all countries subsequently.

The company is split into divisions by geographic area and the holding companies discontinued to create a leaner, more efficient structure.

Introduction and expansion of cash & carry outlets.


In 2008, Fluidra opens AstralPool branch offices in Belgium and Cyprus. The next countries to have a subsidiary are Thailand and South Africa in 2009, followed by Egypt, Malaysia and the Middle East in 2010. Fluidra’s growth in the international market continues with the opening of its first branch offices in Serbia and Brazil, in addition to a new one in South Africa. In 2012 it was the turn of Indonesia, Jordan, Romania and Montenegro.


Spei, which later became Certikin Italia, is acquired in 2008.

Fluidra purchases the know-how in robots and acquires Aquaproducts in the United States and Aquatron in Israel. In 2012, Fluidra decides to embark on a joint venture with Youli, a Chinese plant specialized in fluid handling. Veico in Brazil joins the company in 2013.


Fluidra becomes a listed company

The company becomes a listed on 31 October 2007.

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Acquisition of Irrigaronne and Pacific in France, as well as Master Riego and ATH in Spain.

"AstralPool" is made the official supplier of the FINA World Swimming Championships held in Melbourne.


Preparations for listing

The remaining three holding companies join the Piscina holding.

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Aquaria adds the holding companies SNTE, CEPEX and NEOKEM to its structure in order to prepare for its listing.

As part of its organic growth, four branch offices join the group in Mexico, four more in China, another in India and it opens its own branch offices in Bulgaria and Singapore.

As part of the group´s inorganic growth it incorporates Ceibsa in Spain, Net Products in Mexico, Hurlcon in Australia and MTH in Germany. In addition, Aquaria extends its technological know-how following the addition as shareholder of the Spanish company IDEGIS, which develops innovative solutions for water treatment based on salt chlorination.

World Swimming Championships in Shanghai

AstralPool is the official supplier of the competition pools.


Committed to sport

The company is appointed an official FINA partner and it acquires the Dongchuan production plant in China.


Focus on the Asian market and consolidation in Europe

Creation of two subsidiaries in China, one in India and another in Greece. The company becomes a shareholder of SSA in Austria. Togama in Spain and ECA in France are acquired.


Sponsor of the BCN03 World Swimming Championships

Organic growth snowballs into Certikin and Manufacturas Gre acquisitions.

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Aquaria continues its progress with the acquisition of Certikin in the United Kingdom and Manufacturas Gre in Spain. Further openings also take place in Poland and Mexico.

Aquaria is the Sponsor and official supplier of the 2003 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. The floating pool set up in the Palau Sant Jordi sports arena makes headlines.


Launch of the logistics operator

The Aquaria group encompasses the holding companies AstralPool and AuricPool.

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The Aquaria group is created as a corporation comprising the companies dedicated to the pool sector that were set up by the four founding families.

Banco Sabadell acquires 20% of the company's share capital in the same year. 

Launch of Trace Logistics and new subsidiaries

The number of products manufactured quickly grows following the launch of so many companies. As a result, a logistics operator, Trace Logistics, is established to handle the storage and distribution of all of these materials.

The international expansion continues with the opening of subsidiaries in Hungary, Switzerland and Chile.


AstralPool España is established

The period of growth continues with the foundation of AstralPool España and the acquisition of Talleres del Agua.

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AstralPool España is formed following the merger of Plasteral, Eumawel, Equipool, Materiales de Riego and Surast, five Spanish companies that distribute AstralPool’s products.            

Talleres del Agua, a company with extensive know-how in heating systems, is also acquired.


The new millennium brings further expansion and developments

Unistral Recambios is launched, Aquaambiente is acquired in Portugal and subsidiaries are opened in Russia, Morocco and India.


International expansion continues and the companies are put into holdings

New openings in Denmark, the United States, the Middle East, Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

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The 1990s sees the company’s expansion in Denmark in 1990 and the United States in 1994. Sales branches are opened in Dubai and Germany (1994), the Czech Republic in 1995, Turkey in 1996 and Australia in 1999.

IML joins the company in 1995 as a factory specializing in pool pumps.

Another highlight is AstalPool’s contribution as a supplier for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

The Astral group rearranged into holdings

In order to improve governance, Astral is split into holding companies in 1998: the AstralPool Holding takes in the pool sales companies, AuricPool the pool manufacturers, the Cepex Holding the valves and fittings companies, the Neokem Holding chemical products for the treatment of water, and the SNTE Holding domestic and industrial water treatment.

1980- 1989

Creation of Astral´s manufacturing platform

The company´s second decade is spent setting up the Cepex, Sacopa, CTX and Poltank factories. Sales companies Astral UK in the United Kingdom, Marazul in Portugal and Astral Export are also formed.

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Creación de las fábricas más conocidas de Fluidra Creación de las fábricas más conocidas de Fluidra

Poltank, a manufacturer of polyester filters opens its doors in 1980.

In 1984, Cepex, a company manufacturing accessories and valves for fluid handling, is established.

Sacopa, a production plant specializing in injection-molded plastic, opens in 1985.

Astramatic, a wastewater treatement company is launched in 1986, as is CTX, a company which manufactures chemical products for water treatment.

The international expansion continues with the opening of sales branches in the United Kingdom in 1984 and Portugal in 1988.

Astral Export is created as a company dealing with foreign markets. It would later become the cornerstone and springboard for creating the international network of branch offices.

1970 - 1979

Astral begins its expansion

During the first 10 years, the company opens its first manufacturing plant in Polinyà (Barcelona), its first sales branches in France and Italy, and it starts to export its products.

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Astral launches its first branch offices in the international market, starting in France in 1976 and then in Italy in 1977.  

The production of injection-molded plastic parts begins in 1978 at Plasteral, which would then become the first company of its kind exclusively distributing products for pools.

Exports to Denmark and Australia begin.


Astral S.A. founded

The Planes, Serra, Corbera and Garrigós families established Astral Construcciones Metálicas, the first step towards Fluidra as we know it today, to manufacture components for pools.

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Shareholder families