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Internet of Pools

Fluidra has become the global pool industry leader with the most connected and widest range of products and leading digital brands in the market.

Pool connectivity is a key lever for adding value both to users’ experience and customers´ businesses as it enables them to see the status of a pool and control it remotely via the Internet.

Fluidra offers three marquee brands in the world of connected pools to deliver the best solutions to its customers and users:


The user-friendly mobile pool controller for complete pool automation from a mobile phone, tablet, or web-connected device. With iAquaLink pool and spa features such as lights, temperatures, water features, pumps and cleaners can be easily accessed and managed anytime, anywhere.

Fluidra Connect

An advanced pool automation system which allows the pool pro and user to monitor and interact with a pool remotely from their computer. With Fluidra Connect, a pool´s temperature, lighting, sanitizer levels and filtration settings can all be controlled from any location, allowing maintenance from a distance.

Blue Connect

The entry level smart pool water analyzer. Blue Connect analyzes the quality of the pool´s water 24/7 and notifies the right product and dosage to take care of the swimming pool.

Fluidra is building an expanding portfolio of connected products and developing a scalable, integrated smart pool ecosystem.