Óscar Serra Duffo


Committee Member

  • Nominee
  • First designation September 5, 2007
  • Last designation May 6, 2021

Born in 1962, Óscar Serra Duffo obtained a Degree in Business Administration from Management School in 1981.

He started his career in the marketing area of a number of family businesses, notably La Casera and Schweppes. In 1989 he joined the Commercial department of Plasteral,taking responsibility for the Spas division. Throughout his career he has worked in the areas of marketing and communication. At present, he does not provide services for the Fluidra Group, focusing his professional activity on the management of a number of family companies.

He is director in Boyser Corporate Portfolio, S.L.U. and Pentamar, S.A. He is also the chairman of the Board of Directors of Boyser, S.L.

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