R&D and Innovation is a fundamental part of Fluidra's DNA.  We consider user-driven product innovation essential for the culture and growth of a company. Fluidra has more than 220 engineers, designers and technicians located in all major markets.

Success in the pool space is contingent upon equipment being easy to use, easy to install, easy to service and most of all reliable. To ensure we have a balanced approached, R&D focuses on three pillars:

  • Quality: rigorously meeting user and prescriber expectations
  • Value Improvement: constantly improving products (cost, quality) across categories
  • Innovation: incorporating a high level of innovation in its core products

Fluidra has a first leader position in connected products that gives deep insights into product performance, product development and analytics. Fluidra leads the pool space in user-driven innovation having been granted over 1,400 active patents

Currently, Fluidra R&D receives € 220,000 from the European Union's FEDER fund to conduct three research products:

Discover Fluidra Lab, our Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing program. Fluidra Lab facilitates innovation acting as a connector between external agents and the internal business units developing global and transversal projects worldwide.



Investigation of innovative and sustainable water filtration processes for swimming pools to obtain an excellent water quality.


The general objective is to obtain the necessary knowledge of different innovative technologies in the field of water filtration for the future development of a new generation of pool equipment.



R&D ecosystem for the implementation and adoption of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing in the manufacture of industrial products and industrial production processes.


Promote technological development, innovation and quality research.



Research in technologies for the intelligent and sustainable management of the water cycle in touristic facilities.


Investigate new technologies to optimize and add intelligence to the main points of water consumption in a touristic facility. Furthermore researching innovative solutions in the field of wastewater treatment.