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Fluidra Engineering

Fluidra Engineering is Fluidra’s projects department. Its team has long-standing experience in coming up with ideas for designing and executing water and wellness projects all over the world.

Projects Executed Abroad
Hospitality Projects
Competition Sports Projects

Fluidra Engineering is involved at every stage of a project for a water facility, from the first sketches to its start-up.

We work alongside our customers and contributors, as well as with architects, public authorities, real estate developers, etc. in the following areas of specialization:

  • Olympic pools
  • Sports pools
  • Leisure pools
  • Fountains
  • Spa & wellness facilities
  • Lagoons
  • Water parks
  • Aquariums


Fluidra Engineering has consultancy, advisory and design development services, for which it conducts preliminary feasibility studies, as well as giving advice about the general distribution of spaces and circuits for users.

Our role as consultants is backed up by our expertise in the architectural design and engineering of water and wellness facilities, and by our work as project managers. Fluidra Engineering also manages projects on-site during the execution phase.

Why choose Fluidra Engineering?

We are an all-round pool & wellness partner

A top team of specialists as the only point of contact throughout the design and execution stage of a project is a sure guarantee of success.


There are more than 1.5 million public and private water facilities with Fluidra's products and solutions around the world. Our experience speaks for itself.

Proprietary products

The Fluidra Engineering team selects the most suitable applications, units and products from Fluidra’s portfolio for each specific requirement in any given project.


We contact designers, engineers and architects who work using the latest BIM technology available to come up with projects in the shape of 3D models so that the best solution for a facility can be found.