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At Fluidra we have participated in the installation of above-ground pools on terraces, hotel suites and real estate complexes around the world, as well as in temporary pools for special sporting events.

It is a building alternative to in-ground or semi-in-ground pools, which is gaining supporters for its many advantages and increasingly offers more attractive aesthetic solutions

Features of above ground pools

Above ground pools are those that are installed above ground level, instead of being buried or semi-buried like most pools. This means that the external part of the pool basin structure is completely visible, normally embellished with different finishes.

This main characteristic allows most of the proposals to be quickly and easily installed, without the need for major works and less on site preparation and excavation that other pool options require. The ground simply has to be flat, level and able to withstand the weight of the filled pool.

In addition, they offer infinite design possibilities, thus allowing them to be used in all types of spaces, from hotel terraces, private suites or private buildings to special temporary sporting events, which greatly value this ease of installation.

In hotel and resort projects, these pools convey modernity, privacy and a certain luxury lifestyle, which is accentuated by the chosen finishes. In addition, they are an ideal solution to integrate in hotel and resort rooms, since they increase the average ticket of the establishment.

Design recommendations

Above ground pools tend to have a minimalist and elegant design that blends perfectly with terraces and private spaces in hotels, resorts or real estate developments. They are designed to enjoy relaxation and rest in the water, also in private home gardens.

The ideal is to look for a harmonious finish that matches the design of the space where they will be installed. Although it is also quite common to accentuate this lifestyle style with certain elements that add distinction and elegance, such as loungers or cushioned seats.

In many of these designs, lighting in line with this style is recommended, which, especially at night, can further enhance their appeal.

Given that in many projects these above ground pools are smaller than other recreational pools, it is also quite common to install a heating system and/or a hydromassage spa, which motivates swimming in them at any time of the year.

Types of above ground pools according to their installation

Above ground pools can be built with different installation systems.

It is advisable to choose the appropriate construction system and materials, so that they achieve the greatest possible harmony with the environment where they are going to be installed, as well as meet the needs of the project.

The materials chosen will depend to a large extent on the construction system used to install an above ground pool. As a general rule, there are two types of above-ground pools depending on their installation: built-in pools and prefabricated pools. Although modular panel systems can also be used to install above-ground pools.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that in most cases the pool is not supported by itself in the ground, so they must be attached to a support or frame of concrete or wood previously installed at its base.

Built-in above ground pools

Built-in above ground pools, despite their name, require less work than conventional in-ground pools, since it is not necessary to dig the ground.

Its construction is quick and simple, as well as allowing a wide variety of designs and finishes to fit into any space.

Prefabricated above ground pools

As their name suggests, these pools are pre-manufactured in one piece and only have to be installed properly. Therefore, in some cases, depending on the material chosen, they represent a Plug & Play option that is even cheaper and easier to install. On the other hand, in some cases they have fewer customization options.

Above ground pools using modular panels

Modular panel systems such as Skypool and Bluespring are a halfway installation option between prefabricated and built-in pools. Site preparation and excavation work is less than built-in concrete pools. Regarding the pool basin, it does not come fully assembled as in a 100% prefabricated solution. However, pool panels are prefabricated and must simply be assembled on site to form the pool (and its liner).

This panel system is an ideal alternative for larger pools and provides great precision, resistance, durability and ease of installation.

Types of above ground pools according to their material

Above ground pools can be built with a wide range of available materials. Whether they are prefabricated or built-in, the options are endless.

Some materials have different characteristics, properties and maintenance requirements.

It must be taken into account that these materials vary in the same pool depending on whether we refer to the pool basin, its structure, coronation and walkable deck area that surrounds the pool.

Above ground stone and/or concrete pools

Above-ground stone and/or concrete pools are usually built-in pools, although we can also find prefabricated pool basins that are completed with an external structure and a stone or concrete pool deck area.

The external structure using natural stones provides a rustic and traditional atmosphere, while the straighter finishes with treated stone or concrete give off a more minimalist, modern and elegant character.

Above ground wooden pools

Of course, above ground wooden pools are also in high demand. That warm sensation that this material provides is incomparable to any other finish. If you want a robust pool, for a perfect integration in both rustic and modern environments, a wooden pool is the perfect choice.

In addition, wood allows for very attractive aesthetic solutions, especially if we choose it for the floor that surrounds the pool, with non-slip properties.

With a good treatment, the wood can resist direct exposure to the sun and humidity for a long time, it is easy to maintain and very pleasant in any space.

It must be taken into account that the wood is only used for lining the outside structure of the pool as well as the pool deck area, so it is not in direct contact with the water.

Above ground steel pools

The stainless steel in the above ground pools provides a touch of unsurpassed elegance, a feeling of luxury and exclusivity that attracts all eyes.

Made of light and sustainable materials, the structure of the stainless steel pools allows them to adapt easily and elegantly to any space, and facilitates their maintenance and cleaning. Precisely for this reason, they are usually a recommended option in wellness spaces, gyms, sports clubs, boutique hotels, resorts, etc.

Stainless steel is a very hygienic, resistant and durable material, which also provides safety in the bathroom and can be installed both in its original finish and with all kinds of decorative coatings. The decorated steel exterior wall will give a personal touch to your pool, allowing it to integrate into the environment. This decoration can be made of wood, stone, graphite, stone, etc.

Above ground acrylic glass pools

Glass pools, also known as acrylic pools, are gaining presence in many spaces, both for commercial use (hotel pools or spas) and for private use in private homes, including pools for community use in residential developments.

They are built with one or more transparent glass or acrylic walls and are clearly different from conventional pools, because their transparency eliminates any visual impact and spectacular views are achieved, both from inside the pool and from outside.

On a practical level, glass or acrylic pools offer great resistance to impact, chemical corrosion and offer great durability. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Above ground fibreglass pools

Above ground fibreglass pools represent a prefabricated, economical and durable solution for any project.

The resistance of the materials used allows them to be enjoyed without much maintenance and is fully compatible with the installation of additional elements, such as waterfalls, a relaxation area or finishes imitating other materials.

In fact, although they are usually installed at ground level, these pools can also be installed above ground by integrating a pool deck area made of wood or other materials. So, really, only the pool basin is made of fibreglass.

Above ground pools made of synthetic fibre and polyester

Above ground synthetic fibre pools are a Plug & Play prefabricated solution ideal for suites, terraces and gardens of hotels, resorts, campsites and private properties.

These are usually small pools with cushioned areas to sit and relax poolside and a sleek, minimalist design. They are refined and modular, also perfect as an ornamental object in any outdoor and even indoor space.

Its finish is made of an integral external covering of synthetic fibre intertwined by hand on a painted aluminium frame. The fibres, woven by hand, give it a pleasant sensation to the touch.

The structure of these pools is made of zinc magnesium steel and parts of stainless steel. While the pool basin is lined with a liner made of polyester fibres or high resistance polymers (PVC).

The aesthetic finish of these pools integrates the vertical panel and edge in a single piece, for a completely clean and modern design.

Some models of these pools can be equipped with a filtration and recirculation system, temperature control, underwater lighting, a control panel, an isothermal cover, and even a hydromassage system.

Above ground pools using containers

Pool containers present a sustainable alternative for smaller pools, providing owners and operators with an efficient, easy-to-install, reliable and environmentally friendly construction solution.

Swimming pool containers are a one-piece Plug & Play prefabricated solution where a rectangular shipping container (such as those used for logistics on trucks and large ships) is converted into a swimming pool.

The same container acts as the pool basin and reserves additional space for pool equipment and water treatment systems and accessories. In addition, it does not require the construction of retaining walls. They are simply pre-treated with a steel reinforcement, a fibreglass casing and lined with a PVC liner to provide the container with the necessary resistance and impermeability.

Especially popular in the residential pool industry, pool containers are also a leading choice for small wellness pools in eco-spas, boutique hotels, or cruise ships.

In above ground installations a pool deck can be built around the container so that the basin becomes more visually subtle and adding steps and stairs can provide easy access to the pool.

Above ground pools for special temporary events

Quick and easy to build, temporary above-ground pools are versatile and resistant solutions for all kinds of events that require the installation and removal of large-scale pools in record time.

Laghetto technology Custom Professional, with proven international success, we install large-scale pools that are ready for action in just a few hours. As well as being incredibly versatile, these pools are durable and can be adapted to a host of activities, including special windsurfing, wakeboarding or kayaking events and competitions. They have also been used as public recreational pools.

These pools are made with a galvanized steel structure and feet for fixing to the ground with anti-rust epoxy protection. The pool is lined with a highly impermeable PVC-coated polyester liner.

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