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When designing unique spaces, water represents one of the elements that we can best use to create authentic works of art.

The possibilities offered by new architectural solutions and an evolution in technology are increasingly varied and impressive. One of the most outstanding of all these options are digital water curtains. They are also known as printers, screens or digital water walls, and even as graphic cascades.

What are water curtains?

Of all the water shows, the water curtain fountains have become one of the preferred options both for business operators and owners who want to take advantage of them on their premises and for people to admire them.

They consist of systems in which water flows continuously or alternates in different patterns from the top and falls down into the fountain’s glass. Its technological evolution is presented in the form of digital curtains.

Digital water curtains go one step further and become murals that are formed by a waterfall with different shapes and effects, on which images or messages are projected in the water, thanks to AstralPool technology.

How do they work?

The top of the digital water curtain has a large number of nozzles through which we can control the water flow electronically. The droplets that fall create or ‘print’ static or moving images. These shapes can be drawn on our own mobile device or tablet, although it is also possible to perform a show that has been previously prepared. Through LED lights, we can illuminate these choreographies with colour. Finally, the water falls into the lower glass or tank, from where it is pumped back up in order for the water to circulate in a closed system.

A digital water curtain can have different heights, widths and shapes to adapt to the space being used. In addition, through a DMX controller system we can synchronize the effects of the water curtain with music or lighting.

As we see, digital water curtains combine all the advantages of cascade water features and ornamental fountains with the added feature of customisation. Creating unique experiences, they add value and a surprising effect in the space where they are located.

Digital water curtains: creating a unique experience

Traditionally, murals have been a way of representing all kinds of elements. Through a combination of water and light, digital water curtains bring new meaning in an innovative and interactive way, as they have the ability to create shapes when interacting via a mobile device or tablet.

Digital curtains are, in practice, an innovative and interactive water and light mural, which can be both configured in their operation (for example so that the water separates when people pass by) and also in the messages shown on them.

For example, it is possible that personalised messages and logos can be displayed on the digital curtains, as well as corporate information about an event.

They are an ideal solution to give an ornamental or corporate touch in halls and receptions, as well as for use in water shows and outdoor fountains. Of course they are also a great addition to the decoration of business and conference centres, in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) hotels, shopping centres, public buildings, etc.

They represent a refreshing solution that provides beauty and relaxation, as well as being an ideal natural humidifier for those environments with dry air.

Design recommendations

As with the lighting in fountains, in digital water curtains, light and colours are also very important, whether you want to represent a specific image on them or for purely aesthetic and decorative reasons.

The ideal thing would be for these systems to be placed in spaces without height restrictions due to how tall they are. The effect they offer in high spaces is striking and, in addition, they allow a much better presentation of any message to be represented graphically.

The interactivity with users is another contribution to be considered. The most advanced digital water curtains respond to the closeness of people which allows for the creation of an interactive experience that will remain in the memory.

Another recommended addition in the design and presentation of these digital water curtains is music. Its combination with visual effects, and even with the interaction of people nearby, creates a unique experience.

Our recommendation is to have a customised analysis of where the digital water curtain will be installed, as well as the characteristics of the space in question, in order to fully capitalise on the great potential of these decorative solutions.

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