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In Fluidra’s projects for spas and wellness centres, we can confirm that there has been a general increase in the demand for ice fountains, a fantastic solution to complete your wellness centre with cold contrast experiences.

This solution represents the perfect addition to a wellness experience after a sauna or steam bath treatment, due to the thermal contrast effect it offers and the benefits associated with this contrast therapy.

What are ice fountains?

Ice fountains are a piece of wellness equipment which consists of a recipient that collects ice that has been formed through a state-of-the-art ice generator. The size and shape of the fountain can be adapted according to different designs.

To fully benefit from an ice fountain, the body should be rubbed with the ice that is generated from it. In a thermal bath cycle combined with steam baths or a Finnish sauna, you can enjoy an optimal thermal contrast, which allows you to stimulate the nervous system, muscle relaxation, nerve distension and vasoconstriction, among other benefits. This is why it is recommended for the recovery of athletes after intense exercise sessions, as it helps to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle cramps.

Advantages of an ice fountain installation for your business

Ice fountains are becoming increasingly common in establishments with wellness services offered to customers or where there is a thermal spa circuit. Experiencing the ice fountain is the ideal way to finish a whole circuit of different treatments. It can also be complemented with a final massage or a relaxation treatment in warm spaces in order to acclimatise the body.

The comfort of ice fountains makes them a very attractive proposition. Users can take the ice and directly apply it to their body, with sensations very similar to those felt after a sauna session and the consequent cold contrast with ice, a typical experience of the Baltic regions.

It is also a gentler thermal contrast treatment than a cold plunge pool, where the user goes directly into the cold water pool. Therefore, it is a popular alternative with a larger quantity of potential customer profiles.

The combination of different wellness treatment services encourages more customers to enjoy the thermal circuit and it also makes it easier to adapt to individual preferences.

Design recommendations for ice fountains

At Fluidra we recommend ice fountains for their attractiveness and potential for top wellness centres, because of the various design options that allow their elaboration, among other reasons. They come in various square or cylindrical shapes, and the materials used in their elaboration can include anything from ceramics to stainless steel. They are completely customisable. Thus, it is possible to adapt them to the style of any wellness centre and achieve a greater integration in the space where they are installed. Therefore, it will always provide a better experience for those who wish to use them.

It is also recommended to install them either near a sauna, a steam room or a frigidarium area for quick use to achieve an optimal thermal contrast.

The ice generator can be installed on the wall or the ceiling depending on the available possibilities of the room. In any case, we can always opt for a discreet installation or even camouflaged by other elements.

Likewise, just as the ice fountain can be independent from other wellness rooms, it can also be integrated into another installation, such as an ice cabin or snow cabin. Within a cabin, it allows the combination with chromotherapy and an ice wall, with which it is possible to enjoy an even more complete cold wellness experience.

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