Project management is the process of planning, managing and leading a team’s work and resources in order to achieve shared goals and successfully meet the project’s objectives.

A project manager helps turn an aquatic project into a success by managing the installation and supervision of the works end-to-end. The project manager schedules, coordinates, monitors and provides support from start to finish to all the different parties involved in the project while complying with the highest quality standards within the established timeframes.

Fluidra has a team of on-site project managers specialized in top-level aquatic projects. They are involved from the beginning of the design phase until the delivery of the project to ensure that work is executed correctly, keeping to the schedule and in line with the client’s wishes. They are also the contact point for the client throughout the project.

A project manager’s main duties include:
Familiarity with contractual needs and requirements.
Creating a detailed plan of the tasks required for completing the project.
Project coordination: directing, managing and coordinating the project from the design phase to the execution phase, ensuring transparency in terms of time, cost and quality.
Management of the documentation associated with the project.
Establishing the work schedule.
Controlling and monitoring the project implementation, correcting any possible deviations.
Ensuring that the works are delivered in adherence to health and safety protocols.
Quality control.
Creating and supporting a policy of continuous improvement.