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Recreational pools offer an experience of leisure, fun and relaxation to be enjoyed in any resort, from hotels to campsites and many other leisure areas.

In this article we will explain in more detail about what recreational or leisure pools are and what their most important features are.

What do we mean when we talk about a recreational pool?

At Fluidra we are specialised in the design and construction of recreational swimming pools for all kinds of premises and in different countries.

Despite the wide typology of concepts associated with these pools, the truth is that a recreational pool, anywhere in the world, is one that offers multifunctionality and a satisfying experience.

This versatility of services makes the majority of recreational pools focus on the family as a target audience, with features that will satisfy the needs of everyone, from those looking for a nice relaxing dip, to those who want fun in the water or even space to do an aquatic workout.

Characteristics of recreational pools

Hotel pools usually belong to this ‘recreational’ typology, precisely because they need to offer different services to their clients.

For that reason, they invest in elements that combine not only recreational activities in the water, but also economic and sporting elements, such as a cocktail bar in the centre of the pool or attached to it.

On many occasions, themed pools are chosen, since aesthetically they offer an additional attraction and can capture niches in the market that traditional pools cannot entice. Also, they create a cohesive and more immersive experience that lasts longer on customers’ eyes.

The combination of elements such as a beach-shaped entrance and slides, along with classics like springboards, are synonymous with success in almost any facility, although it is, of course, the personalised service that characterises us in all our projects.

Swimming pools for camping are also mostly designed in this style, although normally with a greater emphasis on aquatic sports, slides and such like, highlighting the playful character of this kind of space.

Space design recommendations

A recreational pool must be perfectly adapted both to the rest of the amenities where it is located, such as a hotel or camping site, as well as, if applicable, to the natural environment that surrounds it.

In fact, pools with sustainable criteria are becoming increasingly important in the final design of these projects. And the result offers an even more positive experience for the guest or customer.

Accessories such as waterfalls, geysers or hot tubs can help to make the facilities of a recreational pool complete, while enhancing its aesthetics with a touch of quality and elegance.

Even at night, it is important to take care of your design with an attractive lighting system, which we can customise as much as required.

Entrances should always offer safety and accessibility to swimmers, but we can also complement them with innovative ideas. The sea in the pool with a beach-shaped entrance is usually one of the best valued creations.

And of course we have to take care of the immediate surroundings of the pool, as the experience is lived together. For this we can invest in areas of grass, relaxation spaces with sun loungers and shaded areas, that will leave people devoting more time to enjoying the recreational pool.