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Andover, United Kingdom

Fluidra supports the local community with high quality temporary facilities

Andover is a town in the English county of Hampshire (UK). Its pool and sports hall closed in early 2017, and Andover's new leisure center opened in spring 2019. Test Valley Borough Council needed to maintain its facilities, so Fluidra and Total Swimming provided a temporary 25 m pool on the car park site on Shepherds Spring Lane, which can be removed with minimal impact when the new facilities open. The objective is to bring swimming to the entire population as a means of social well-being tool by providing a community pool for lessons and swimming. The swimming pool is a 1.2 m deep modular deck level pool built on top of a reinforced concrete slab that is placed on top of the car park surface. The facility includes male and female changing areas, a viewing area, an office and a reception area. All facilities are contained in a temporary building, which was erected in ten days following completion of the concrete slab. The building, pool and ground bearing slab can all be disassembled and removed at the end of the hire period. As one of many projects for Fluidra and Total Swimming, Box Architects provided the principal architectural and designer services from planning onwards. To keep swimming facilities in place for the local community, the project was delivered at a rapid pace. The whole project was built in just 20 weeks.