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Olot, Spain

Fluidra reforms and expands the aquatic equipment of Olot swimming club with three new pools

Olot Swimming Club (Olot, Spain) is a highly prestigious swimming club that boasts first-class aquatic facilities, both at a sports and leisure level. Fluidra designed and installed three new pools. These new facilities were based on and inspired by the success of the Olympic Ring of Tarragona, where the Mediterranean Games were held, and the Barceloneta Swimming Club. Knowing the details of how these facilities worked was useful as they are very similar to those built at Olot Swimming Club.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra carried out the design, product supply and installation of three pools that are currently part of the daily life of its users: an Olympic pool for training and competition events, a lap pool for more diversified use and a pool for children.