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Sabadell, Spain

Club Natació Sabadell: the largest moveable floor in an Olympic pool in Spain

Sabadell Swimming Club (CNS) is a Spanish water sports club based in Sabadell (Barcelona). Founded in 1916, it is well known for the women's water polo team, which has been the most successful team in national championships in recent years, with no less than nine titles having been won since 2000. In 2011, it won the European Cup, thus becoming in the first Spanish team to achieve this. The project for the new pool was the star of the construction work for the second phase of the facilities that the CNS has in the Can Llong neighborhood of Sabadell that cost more than 18 million euros. The Club Natació Sabadell Olympic swimming pool was the result of a strategic agreement signed in September 2007 with Fluidra and was fully equipped with AstralPool brand components, from hydraulic equipment to competition and rescue equipment.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra designed, supplied and installed an innovative 50 x 25 m Olympic pool with a movable wall and floor, as well as a 12 x 8 m children’s pool.The mobile floor consists of a platform, a pioneer in Spain, which is 25m long by 12.5 m wide and is submerged in the bottom of the pool shell. The platform moves up and down so that the depth of the pool floor can be changed, which ranges from 2 meters to level 0, thus facilitating the access of people on it. This mobility gives the pool great versatility, since it allows all kinds of activities, such as when it is essential for the feet to touch the bottom of the pool.The pool also has a mobile bridge, which divides it into two parts. This walkway is supported on rails on which it automatically moves to the right or left of the pool. Thanks to this, the pool gains in versatility and allows several activities to be carried out at the same time.