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Barcelona, Spain

Fluidra celebrates its 50th anniversary with an unprecedented water show at the Atlètic Barceloneta swimming club

Fluidra celebrated its 50th Anniversary with an unprecedented water show in Barcelona (Spain). Specifically, at the Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta (CNAB), an event attended by some 900 spectators. The show, which told the story of Fluidra’s trajectory over the past five decades, was designed and directed by prestigious artistic director Franc Aleu, winner of the most recent National Culture Prize awarded by the Government of Catalonia. The event also featured a performance by the Kallipolis Club artistic swimming team, which was directed by Anna Tarrés, former coach of the Spanish national team. The impressive light and music show, a convergence of art and beauty with science and technology, also showcased Fluidra’s most advanced technological solutions, including underwater LED lighting, dynamic water screens, multi-directional nozzles, parabolic and dancing fountains. The event was organized by Bea Strebl’s team at Fluidra, with Julián García and Héctor Cruz hosting the event at the CNAB.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra designed and built a floating carbon steel platform equipped with water effects and light, with a 48 m2 non-slip surface weighing 4,000 kg and 118 water nozzles: 1 swap, 12 switch L, 24 switch S, 48 fog, 8 dancer, 16 foamy, 7 glassy, 1 water screen and 1 finger. In addition there are 208 LED lights: 130 nano, 8 halospot, 3 mini swap, 12 circular switch 1, 24 circular switch 2, 8 circular, 16 foamy and 7 glassy. This solution made it possible to create unique show in which the fountain and synchronized swimmers took centerstage in a performance noted for its visual impact and beauty.