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Andorra la Vella, Andorra

An amazing watershow fountain the heart of the Pyirinees.

This fountain is located in Andorra la Vella, exactly in the Avenue of the Plaça de la Rotonda over the Valira River until reaching the emblematic Pont de Paris. It has various ornamental effects of water, light and music to beautify the urban landscape and form a great spectacle worthy of contemplation.

Description of Fluidra's scope

The "Font dels Colors", developed by Fluidra together with Pere Cervós Arquitectura, Causa Estudi and Locub SA, integrates symmetrical water effects on both sides of the river and a digital water curtain right at the Pont de Paris: - Serrated waterfalls: 6 cascading units custom manufactured by Inquide. - Parabolic jets: 6 units on each cantilever over the waterfalls crossing the river. - Switch JET: 12 units on the Paris Bridge. - Digital curtain: Water curtain over the Paris Bridge with video projector and laser. - Fan Nozzles: 6 flat nozzles on cantilevers. - 1D Dancers: 15 single-axis dancers. - RGB LED DMX lighting. - Audio system. In addition, this fountain has a very special feature as far as innovation and sustainability are concerned, since the water used in this fountain is collected and recirculated from the Valira river itself.