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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Complex of pedestrian dynamic fountains at the KazGASA University in Almaty city (Kazakhstan)

Inaugurated in September 2023, this complex of dry fountains make up different pedestrian spaces at KazGasa University in Almaty, turning them into refreshing and attractive meeting points for students and passers-by. At night, these fountains perform different dynamic choreographies of lights and colors.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra Kazakhstan, together with AquaEngineering, develops and supplies the equipment for these sources. These are two dry sources. The first, in the shape of a 12 m2 round, contains 25 water jets (high-speed nozzles + fog nozzles). These effects can reach 2 meters in height and include LED lights for night lighting. The second is a 16.5 m2 rectangular dry fountain located right in front of the university entrance. It contains 13 water jets (high-speed nozzles) with LED lights that also reach 2 meters in height. Both fountains include an advanced water filtration and disinfection system.