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New Galala City, Egypt

Fluidra's watershow for a new paradise city in Egypt

About 128 kilometers south east of Cairo (Egypt), on the Galala plateau, a brand new city is being constructed. It is called Galala City, a mountaintop new paradise city featuring luxury resorts, apartments, residential areas and many other services. The project, along with other many Egyptian megastructure projects, is part of a new nationwide program to absorb Egypt’s exploding population. With the city already in its final phase of development, Fluidra signed a contract to carry out a Fountain project to decorate one of the urban areas of the city.

Description of Fluidra's scope

The fountain is located in the heart of Galala City, a newly built city with new commercial, residential areas, universities, hotels, etc. It is located in a central square in a private residential area, being the center of attention in the area. In addition, the fountain is the beginning of a continuum of ornamental fountains, with waterfalls that run for about two longitudinal kilometers of new construction.It is an ornamental fountain