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Astana, Kazakhstan

A new recreational Pool for the New Generation Center "SANA" in Astana (Kazakhstan)

The new generation center "SANA" it's a sports and wellness center in Astana (Kazakhstan). "SANA New Generation Center is a multifunctional educational institution that provides children with a wide range of opportunities to develop and discover talents and abilities, applying humane pedagogy in education, inculcating traditional and universal values."

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra Kazakhstan, in collaboration with AquaEngineering, supplied a recreational swimming pool of 25 x 12.3 m inaugurated in July 2023. This pool has a surface area og 307,5 m2 and a water volume of 422,8 m3. It has a variable depth of 1,1 x 1,65 m. The water temperature is kept between 24 - 28 ºC and a capacity of 40 users. Fluidra Kazakhstan also supplied the water filtration and disinfection system.