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Manila, Philippines

Okada Manila: AstralPool solutions for Asia’s largest entertainment complex

The Manila Bay Resorts will be the biggest resort and casino facility in all of Asia. Located conveniently close to Metro Manila and regional airports, The Manila Bay Resorts will boast a number of hotels, some oriented towards the elite, like the 6-star hotel with the biggest casino in the Philippines, others offering a family-friendly atmosphere with 500 rooms. In addition to hotels and a huge casino, The Manila Bay Resorts’ 44-hectare property will include a cinema complex, residential properties, spas, a concert hall, amusement center, two shopping malls, and dining options from quick and easy to fine dining with Michelin rated chefs from around the world.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Fluidra designed all the Resort’s swimming pool water treatment system, installed all of its equipment and managed its construction.